April 11, 2017

Free Your Mind. Let the EPA Go, and Good Riddance.


Free your mind, if it needs freeing, from stale faith in the regulatory ideology.
At best (and I stress, only at best; most positions are worse) to still repose faith in the regulatory model like that incarnated in the EPA assumes the primacy of corporate rule and corporate poisonism, and indeed the continued dominance of productionism and consumptionism. This faith merely still clings to the fantasy that there can be meaningful “management” of such things as cancer agents, according to technocratic “risk-benefit” equations and other numerological “assessments”, and that certain “tolerance” levels for cancer, birth defects, etc. can be established, along with a certain baseline for how much of the overall ecology can be sacrificed and destroyed.
But in reality the ecology is one irreducible whole, and you can’t sacrifice any significant part of it without severely harming the whole. And this is emblematic of the pathology of the whole EPA-type mindset, that in all these ways humanity and the Earth can “co-exist” (to use the biotech sector’s preferred term) with corporate psychopathy. The EPA of course is a capitalist organization and was designed to augment capitalist action, never to hinder it. So faith in the EPA is identical to faith in the essential goodness of corporate rule. It’s a transmuted form of this faith, but it remains the same faith.
Of course we’re not talking about anything hypothetical here. The EPA has compiled a history of nearly fifty years, while the paradigm of “regulation” it represents goes back much further. Those who know the history (E. Vallianatos’ Poison Spring is a good place to start) know why the EPA was established in the first place (under duress and largely for political misdirection purposes), how it was originally staffed (largely by ex-USDA cadres bringing the desired pro-corporate ideology, lest the few “idealists” get the wrong idea), how it commenced action (helping to cover up PCB and dioxin pollution and running political interference on behalf of the polluters), and how throughout its subsequent history it has consistently done all it can to assist the corporate poisoners, cover up the evidence of corporate atrocities, and discourage grassroots political action among the people. That’s the EPA’s record.
But the pro-regulation cultists remain willfully ignorant of this history, just like every kind of fundamentalist dodges knowledge of every kind of history – because the history always disproves their faith. Same as how cultists of electoralism evidently intend to keep reprising forever the role of a circus geek knocked back and forth by Republicans and Democrats. Indeed, all the Pavlovian dogs drooling to the “Save the EPA!” bell today (the same EPA which spent the previous eight years, and nearly thirty years prior to that, denying that glyphosate causes cancer, just to pick one of its crimes) are simply acting as the mindless geeks the corporate system assumes they are. This is a fine example of how the voters voted unanimously for Trump. This means they voted unanimously for the deranged system of which Trump is the logical product.
Just as corporate capitalism itself is proven by history to be a purely wasteful and destructive paradigm, so the “regulation” of capitalism has also proven false. It can’t be part of any constructive way forward, and continued faith in it can only be reactionary. Where it comes to corporate poisons the truth is beyond all doubt – they are unnecessary, are politically and economically destructive, and are purely destructive of human and ecological health.
These two truths combine to prove that the necessary position toward poisonism, the only rational and sane position, is total abolitionism.
Self-evidently, abolition cannot co-exist with any mindset that a little bit of corporate poison, for whatever tendentious definition of “a little”, can be “regulated”.
Help propagate the new and necessary ideas.


  1. One of the things that I came to realize in the last couple of years is that regulatory agencies like the EPA were dreamed up as a way to ensure that industries would not be impeded by the property rights (“externalities”) of the little folk. Back in the day, property rights were the grand equalizer. That could not be allowed to persist.

    Hope all is well. Best regards.

    Comment by taojonesing — April 13, 2017 @ 12:53 pm

    • Hi Tao. Hope you’re well too. You got that right about “property” – a typical might-makes-right mutability which really exists only for the rich, in this case the big “property” holders, not for the small. In other words, just like where it comes to every other value, the corporate system does not believe there’s any such thing as a property right. It believe only in the license of the strong.



      For example, this has long been officially enshrined USDA policy where it comes to GM trespass and vandalism. The USDA is explicit that it considers organic and non-GM growers to have no property or other right not to be assaulted by GM contamination, and that on the contrary trespass and contamination is to be considered normative. Therefore it’s the responsibility of the non-GM grower to try to protect himself at whatever cost.


      See this newest as well:


      Just the latest proof that:

      1. Co-existence with GMOs is physically impossible.

      2. The goal of government regulators, corporations, and GM farmers is total contamination of all crops. Therefore co-existence is politically impossible as well, and only total abolitionism is a viable political position and goal.

      Note the government’s typical heads-I-win-tails-you-lose where it comes to the socioeconomic perspective of regulators. Agencies like the US EPA or the Canadian agriculture ministry have a mandate to take profitability into account when they craft and enforce policy. But they turn around and claim they are legally prevented by law and by globalization pacts from taking socioeconomic harms into account. This says it all about the inherent organizational design and ideology of corporate regulators.

      Comment by Russ — April 13, 2017 @ 1:14 pm

  2. […] much greater truth: We must renounce and obliterate religious faith in agencies like the EFSA or EPA and the inherently pro-poison regulatory model upon which they’re founded.     […]

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