March 1, 2017

The Drunk and the Streetlamp

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The scientific establishment searches for its keys only under the corporate streetlamp which illuminates the zone which the corporations think will be profitable. This is the zone of research and development toward profitable products, or which maintains the profitability of existing products, or which censors facts about non-corporate products. By definition, the only keys which could “work” are those which can be found within this zone. This is how power dictates the science and technology which are chosen for research and development in the first place.
This mode of search automatically excludes anyone who searches outside the zone of corporate “light”, since any keys which could be found out there in “the dark” by definition cannot work, or may work to open doors which from the corporate point of view are wrong and malign. This is the zone of research which may develop alternatives to profit-based products, may rehabilitate traditional products whose benefits have been suppressed by corporate science, and which often indicts corporate products as harmful.
And so today’s drunken science establishment searches for its keys only under the corporate streetlamp. It not only refuses to expand the search beyond this zone, it demonizes those who search beyond and does all it can to force them back into its version of light.
Meanwhile the sun of the real enlightenment is rising which shall cast its blazing light over the entire terrain. And in its forecast of dawn we see already how the corporate streetlamp is actually inside a cave. Extinguish its artificial light, and in the true day all its alleged “knowledge” will turn out to be phantasms dreamt in the dark.

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  1. Linking this especially for the CSIRO data point, though of course the whole phenomenon is relevant. Climate chaos is a deliberate corporate campaign, and most of all a deliberate campaign of corporate agriculture.


    Comment by Russ — March 1, 2017 @ 7:15 am

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