February 16, 2017

Science Worships God

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Today we’ll take a brief look at a few examples of how shallow and childish STEM notions and modes of thought often are. Some examples, then a few general points. As the project expands we’ll develop the documentation and analysis of scientism as a fundamentalist cult, toward demolishing the malign pretensions of this false mode of thought. What I want to emphasize today is the naivete, philosophical incompetence, and ignorance of even the most elementary intellectual history, or lack of self-awareness with regard to it, demonstrated by these ways of thinking. Your average philosopher or theologian, representatives of more adult modes of thought, would’ve laughed these epigones off the stage thousands of years ago.
*The fallacy of SETI is the exact same fallacy as that of theistic conceptions of God. Theists envision God as a super-powerful person. God is omnipotent, but otherwise is just like a person, thinks the same way, can be spoken to the same way, angered the same way for the same reasons, similarly bribed or appeased.
The SETI cultists envision extraterrestrial intelligences in the same way. These intelligences are conceived as being technologically more advanced but otherwise just like humans. Therefore, the cult belief runs, an alien civilization thinks the same way, has the same goals including communication with other intelligences, communicates the same way, can be detected and reached the same way. Obviously there’s no rational basis for believing any of this, any more than there is to believe in the theist God. On the contrary, SETI enthusiasm is theist religious enthusiasm.
*The cult of Artificial Intelligence is an extreme regression to primitive animism. The cultist convinces himself there are sentient entities within some of his machines and gadgets. This much today’s STEM cadre has in common with primal hominids who thought rocks and winds were inhabited by spirits. The twist on this primitive mode among modern scientists and engineers is that they envision this animism at some point, by a divine miracle, metamorphosing into a “Singularity”. This religious notion is confused so far, and the cultists aren’t clear whether they envision their animism metamorphosing into a polytheism or a monotheism.
*Genetic engineering, and the eugenics ideology it serves, combine theologically with the AI cult to revive ancient polytheism with its sexual meldings of gods, animals, and humans as well as those versions of Christianity which envision Jesus as a regular human who was then “adopted” by God and infused with godhood. Transhumanism, aka technological eugenics via genetic engineering, envisions humans being technologically transformed to become divine or semi-divine beings.
These technological aspirations to transcend the human body also ape the more traditional religious expressions of hatred for the body. Scientism cultists are puritans in exactly the same way the Salem witch hunters were. It’s the same human type in every way.
*The desperate yearning to “Get Off the Rock” is self-evidently a plagiarism of the Rapture doctrine of some versions of Christianity, transposed to scientism. It’s also a modern recasting of the myth of the Tower of Babel, except in this retelling the builders really will reach heaven. This is a regression to medieval and ancient notions of heaven being physically “above”, up above the clouds, while our home the abundant Earth is reviled as corrupt, the realm of Satan. (Feyerabend suspected most scientists secretly still believe in an absolute “up and down” in the universe.)
Thus science joins hands with the Christian dispensationalists. They concur on the Rapture; they differ only on its mechanism and who shall be the lucky few elected by grace. They agree on the infinite ingratitude of their hatred for our parent and home the Earth. They agree the Earth is not worthy of being cherished, stewarded, loved, but instead deserves to be reviled, despoiled, exploited, trashed, destroyed.
The space cult is most bizarre in the fundamental passivity of it. Although for almost all the cultists any of these objects of worship is far beyond their own ability to participate, the priesthood and the rite being vastly less egalitarian and accessible than the Catholic mass, Get Off the Rock takes this passive idiocy, this imbecile fanboyism, to the furthest extreme. Here most of all we see a pure physical self-loathing, based in some deep personal physical inadequacy, expressed through a vicarious extreme hatred of body and Earth.
To repeat, this extreme hatred is identical to the hatred held by many versions of Christianity and other theisms.
Like the Second Coming of Christ, science promises over and over that its discoveries and technological inventions will bring a utopia of peace, health, and prosperity within a few years if everyone today just keeps sacrificing and obeying. The fact that none of the grand promises of the 1950s or since ever came true, that instead this same scientific establishment always has helped this same handful of capitalist gangsters to steal almost the entire dividend, where this dividend existed in the first place, is to be blocked out, forgotten. The essence of religious belief is to “believe because its absurd.”
In the same way, we’re exhorted to maintain theological belief in the Popperian “scientific method” which the scientists themselves almost never live up to, in the same way it’s rare for a Christian to live up to the Sermon on the Mount.
Most fundamental of all, science has unscientific faith in itself.
We see how, for all their pseudo-atheist braying, these unreconstructed theists seek to transform their mourning for the death of God into the determination to resurrect God by technologically building Him, their own real-life Golem. Thus they plan to re-enact the Resurrection. But this time, instead of death being swallowed up in victory, the haters of humanity and Earth intend to swallow up victory in death.


  1. What do you think libertarianism (aka American Authoritarianism) had to do with much of these movements.?

    Comment by satanforce — February 17, 2017 @ 4:31 pm

    • It seems like libertarianism is there as a catch basin for intellectual types who want to feel more “radical” about their pro-capitalism than just being a regular liberal or conservative. Self-evidently libertarians want extremely big, aggressive, intrusive government, same as the mainstream corporate ideology. They’re actually the most purely distilled corporate ideologues, wanting government to drop all other activities, whether public interest or authoritarian (ergo their professed support for civil liberties; of course this is also a scam to attract and/or fool civil libertarian types), in favor of the most direct, aggressive pro-corporate focus. They basically want the direct dictatorship of the corporations, with nominal government to be nothing but thug, bagman, and pseudo-democracy facade. In this they’re not different from liberals and conservatives, just more extreme about it.

      This agenda dovetails well with the STEM agenda, since it too is inherently authoritarian and wants big, activist government on behalf of its agenda. The fact that this requires scientists and engineers to serve as corporate operatives is no big loss to them, since their goals and corporate goals usually coincide and are never in contradiction.

      Comment by Russ — February 25, 2017 @ 10:27 am

      • There is also the libertarian streak in science fiction, that appeals to many would be STEM Workers. When you ready their works, (ex. Pournelle and Niven”Oath of Fealty), you get the feeling that what they really seek to accomplish is a racially homogeneous, Consumer Authoritarianist state.

        Comment by satanforce — February 26, 2017 @ 5:16 pm

      • I haven’t read much science fiction but I’ve heard that lots of it, especially in recent decades, is like that. But I’ve also heard that science fiction wasn’t always like that, and that it used to be more full of wonder at the universe as it is, and skeptical or dystopic with regard to eugenics and other technocratic control fantasies.

        As for how things are today, I haven’t yet researched the question of whether fiction writers became leading-edge totalitarians and contributed to changing the STEM culture, or whether they changed in response to that culture’s changing in tandem with politico-economic reasons, mostly corporate-dictated, or whether both changed to adhere to the newly stepped up corporate aggression of the post-60s era.

        Certainly the corporate oligopoly sectors became better organized and more self-conscious about their totalitarian aspirations in the 1970s, and they more systematically set about coordinating media, academia, and all professional cultures. They were especially comprehensive about this with STEM organization and culture since recent technological developments have been the source of such radical new opportunities for intellectual property, profit, and power.

        So if sci fi culture underwent a significant change during that same time frame, my first thought is that this was probably in conformity with the newly aggressive technocratic and corporate science paradigm, all driven by corporate leadership toward totalitarian goals.

        And then libertarianism fits well within this technocratic framework, since it envisions humans as nothing but cogs in a machine which runs only according to money. Of course that’s all libertarianism is, the most extreme secular manifestation of Mammon, the religion of believing money is real, worshipping it, and theologically believing that all human relations can be and should be reduced to literally nothing but money relations. The libertarian definition of “freedom” has zero to do with human beings, but sees only money itself as having the right to freedom. Humans are supposed to be only transmission mechanisms for money.

        Comment by Russ — February 27, 2017 @ 8:14 am

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