December 21, 2016

The Abolition Movement is Needed


1. This morning for the thousandth time I read a piece giving a decent overview of the health, economic, agronomic, and ecological crises being driven by poison-based agriculture.
The conclusion was lukewarm as always: “Action is urgently needed to regulate and monitor corporate power to ensure that food sovereignty, the environment, and public health are not further compromised.”
And thus we can chalk up another one for reformism within the corporate framework, and implicitly against the necessary call to a fully committed abolition movement. Reformism is the call to “co-existence”, something we all know is impossible in the long run. Worse, it validates the corporate framework. I’ve described in dozens of pieces what I call the corporate triangulation template of regulators, the scientific establishment, NGOs, reformists in general. And as we see in the quote above, this reform call is always implicitly willing to grandfather in the existing level of how compromised those values and needs – food sovereignty, environment, public health – already are.
2. “Regulate and monitor” is the ideology and strategy of system NGOs which focus on petitions and public comments to regulators, lawsuits, and the apparently permanent and permanently vague campaign of “public education”. This has been ongoing for decades.
But look at the facts: At best this strategy has slowed down the corporate poisoner assault in America, but nowhere has it halted it and started rolling it back. On the contrary, slowly but surely the enemy gains ground.
Obviously the status quo is untenable as well as unacceptable on any agronomic, ecological, public health, economic, or political level. Ipso facto, any position thinking in terms of preventing “further compromise”, even if that were possible, is insufficient.
3. To be clear about my position: I’m a skeptic as to whether regulate-and-monitor could be effective even if this seemingly lukewarm call really could muster a fighting movement.*
But more importantly, this is not a call to battle which will resonate with anyone. The evidence is that this is the kind of call which, by its nature, implies that everyone should remain in their pre-assigned positions and roles within the corporate capitalist framework. Therefore it never can muster and organize the latent energies which sometimes inspire large numbers of intrepid, determined people to break out of these pre-assigned roles and form movements in opposition to the existing system.
4. Based on my knowledge of history, I think if the deployment of such a critically important sector as agropoisons were ever to be hindered severely enough (i.e., once Monsanto and the US government become fed up once and for all with the obstructionism of regulate-and-monitor), the system will become far more aggressive and lawless than it’s already been in forcing its poisons into the food and ecology. We already see the USDA in the process of abrogating the entirety of its oversight authority toward expanding ranges of poisons.
We can expect the Trump administration to step up the aggression and lawlessness.
When this starts, regulate-and-monitor will become untenable even according to its own diminished criteria, and the only options left will be a full-scale abolition movement, or else surrender.
By then it’ll be late in the game to be getting started building such a movement. The time to start is now, among those who can learn from history and prepare ahead of time for its cycles. Indeed the time was years ago, just as I’ve been saying all this for many years now.
There was a time for lawsuits and labeling campaigns. (Ironically, the Europe example labelists like to cite proves something different than what they think: The time for those was in the 1990s, at the outset of the deployment; America missed the boat where it comes to that.) There was a time for exalting the precautionary principle and calling for more and better testing. There was a time for educating the public within the framework of regular system politics and media. And there was a time for campaigners to educate themselves about all the facts of agropoisons and their role in agronomy, politics, economy, religion, science, ecology.
But today all these tasks are either complete, or are obsolete, or have been demonstrated to be ineffective, or need to transcend the prior political and philosophical frameworks.
Today and going forward is the time wherein humanity must find its soul and its will to organize and fight this global attempt to force an apocalypse of poisoning upon us, our children, our children’s children, and upon the entire life system of the Earth. From a purely secular point of view, not to mention the various religions, we see how the axis of corporate power, government power, and the scientism cult wish to turn the 21st century into a veritable end time for humanity and the Earth. Poisonism, extermination of biodiversity, and forced climate chaos combine to form what’s indisputably a willful, intentional campaign of global destruction for the sake of power. This century will decide once and for all the final question of power. Will humanity redeem itself, or will the corporate persons be the infinite tyrants of tomorrow?
Make no mistake: If you’re a flesh-and-blood human being, a corporate person regards you as literally nothing but a resource to be exploited where profitable, cast out to die where unprofitable, actively killed where a danger. How is it even possible for anyone to be so willfully stupid that in this day and age this isn’t universal knowledge?
And therefore we have the absolute need for a full scale social and political movement dedicated to the clear goal of abolishing corporations. This is necessary against every corporate sector. A movement to abolish agropoisons looks like the obvious place for abolitionists to commence and to set the standard for all the necessary action going forward. As for the public education, we see the great need to transcend anything redolent of “regulating and monitoring” so-called “abuses” perpetrated by alleged “bad apples” among a corporate system otherwise inertially and implicitly taken as normal and normative. By now this inertia and implication kills more surely than any physical poison.
On the contrary, the message which begins, suffuses, and concludes all thought and communication must be the need to abolish corporate power, in this context starting with poison-based agriculture, before it succeeds in its campaign to destroy us all.
*To clarify another point about my position: Although I reject liberalism/reformism on principle for many reasons, the main reason I reject it is that it’s cowardly and fraudulent even where it comes to fighting on the line it proclaims for itself. In theory it’s possible to have a “moderate” position but be a ferocious, uncompromising fighter at that moderate line. But in practice almost all moderates where it comes to theory are moderate really because they’re craven in action. The first example that always jumps to mind is the “Progressive Block” scam during the Heritage/Obamacare debacle. The “progressives” in Congress swore they’d reject anything without a “public option” (another scam), then unanimously reneged on their solemn promise. This kind of lying and cowardice is typical of progressives. That is, they become progressives in the first place because as people they are indelibly liars and cowards. They’re also not very bright, which is why they seem congenitally incapable of breaking free of the cult of electoralism, learning what corporate rule is, what the corporate state is, how it works, what it does, and how to fight it. That’s why we have the typical phenomenon among “anti-GMO” people of a progressive who actually does come to understand some aspects of corporatism where it comes to food and agriculture, but remains utterly incapable of inducing a general idea and applying it across all corporate sectors and to the US government and media as such.


  1. Russ, you rock! Glad to see you are still hammering and also see the growth in your writing, focus and perceptions. You had quite an influence on me back in the old NC days (the fake news sites are a scam they are elite system tools meant to make you believe you have a dog in the hunt, I parted with NC many years ago).
    Here is the close on my latest blast at the gangsters in Saint Augustine. I have myself convinced that that this is a ‘full spectrum dominance, perpetual conflict’ intentional herd thinning as explained in the article. Thanks for all of your efforts and fine work, I still link to you on all of my web sites.

    Here is the close of the article;

    “What To Do…

    • First and foremost; work to deprogram yourself from the brainwashing. Be more skeptical and question all authority. Turn off your TV. Garbage in equals garbage out. You do not need to fill your head with the incessant deceptive harangue of corporate others trying to sell you their products and services or ideologies. Corporate media will rot your brain faster than a venomous snake bite.

    • Second; realize that this is the few rich and powerful self anointed elite and their administrative class against the rest of us. We are many, they are few. [If you are a member of that jivey league, college educated, self anointed elite snob administrative class, go look in a mirror.]

    • Recognize that you will not make positive remedial change within their system. Recognize that your local elections, like here in Saint Augustine, are all about the criminal Vanilla Greed for Profit administrative class fighting over their local crumb supply even as they are enveloped by a greater more evil force, Pernicious Greed for Destruction Xtrevilism. Those in either criminal group do not give a rat’s ass about you or your friends or your family. Their insular arrogance and internecine bickering is now so pervasive that they no longer even take the time to give lip service to the wants and needs of the common person. It is all about them selfishly fighting over access to your wallet and controlling you. Yes, it is disheartening to learn that you have been deceived by those you have trusted for so many years and that you are living in an illusion, but the sooner you accept and embrace the reality the better off you will be.

    • Shun the corrupt self anointed elite class corporate system as it shuns you. Work outside the crooked system to make a more moral and positive world. Morality is what it is all about. We do not need a hierarchal system that is ruled by the few. We need instead a one for all and all for one levelocracy. A system of direct democracy where we send messengers bound to convey our local will to a minimalist central government charged with the protection of the greater commons, rather than sending crooked unbound representatives controlled by deceptive lobbyists that thwart our local will when sent to a centralized pack of gangsters. Consider having nine regional Presidents rather than one President, with a system of shared emergency control. Our Constitution and its Bill of Rights and our ‘rule of law’ are like corrupted software that is out of date. They need to be upgraded to be made more inclusive and eliminate the corruption, not by crooked politicians, but by you and your friends and neighbors.

    • BOYCOTT the vote. A boycott abstention is in reality a vote of no confidence in this crooked government. That is why they are working overtime in this election cycle to get out the vote. They want you to validate their criminal control. Don’t do it! A vote for a lesser criminal immorality is a vote for criminal immorality.

    • BOYCOTT those who oppress you. You don’t have to buy from the greedy merchants downtown who have denied you opportunity. Support other working class businesses.

    • RESIST ANY erosion of your Civil Liberties, no matter how small. Work to protect and grow the public commons.

    • Get Solvent ASAP. Avoid sorrow don’t borrow! The thirty plus year bull bond market (all the bubbles that have caused the turmoil domestically and in foreign countries around the globe) is unsustainable. DO NOT get caught with your pants down. It is possible that 100 trillion dollars of phony derivative fiat credit/money could disappear globally overnight. There will be NO chairs left when the music stops playing. Until that time continual global rolling bubbles in specific countries and sectors of the economy (especially oil and finance) will be used to justify austerity and sequestration (cute little euphemisms for screwing you financially and draining your resources) will be increased. Focus your efforts on becoming self sufficient and support community programs and others that do the same.

    • Take a world view and expose corruption and the phonies amongst us, You do have a civic responsibility to yourself and to others to make the world you live in sustainable…

    The good captain realizes that she is not only responsible for her ship’s safety but she is also responsible for the quality of the water she navigates in… a responsibility that goes beyond mitigating the negative impacts of her own vessel… a responsibility that includes insuring that other vessels do the same… a responsibility that extends to safeguarding all creatures, great and small, whether sea based or land based, as they all contribute to the quality of the water… it is wise to realize that even the most seaworthy vessel will eventually founder in a polluted sea of slime, thick sludge and debris…

    • Study and learn. You are what you have been through, but now and the future are up to you.

    • Stay positive — we can do this!

    Express love and sharing with those who are genuinely kind and giving, shun and castigate those who are not.

    Life’s great, stay busy, have fun!
    …and peace to you all!”

    You can read it all here…


    Comment by Warren Celli — December 29, 2016 @ 7:31 pm

    • Thanks Warren, and glad to hear you’re reading. That’s good stuff. Abstention as a vote of no confidence, or as I usually put it a “No” vote in their corporate plebiscite: That’s clearly still incomprehensible even to most people I know who reject the Corporate One-Party “duopoly”. They’re still cultists of electoralism as such, which I increasingly regard as a touchstone of (lack of) spiritual and political consciousness. There’s clearly no way forward there, not within existing parameters.

      I miss those old times at NC and the econoblogs. For a little while there it seemed like something new was fermenting. Maybe it was just an illusion in the first place, but at any rate most people, whether they’d admit it or not, bought into the fake recovery and went back to business as usual, regressing to mushy liberalism. And by now we’ve reached rock bottom. By now I’m certain even “leftism” is reactionary in the strict sense of the term, just haunting a graveyard.

      I’ve liberated myself from all existing “politics”. Politics is Dead, for the existing framework. That doesn’t mean I’ve given up on organization and action toward political goals. But it does mean the existing, well-worn modes of pseudo-political action, not to mention ideology* (by now when I hear the name of any ideological faction I reach for my revolver), comprise a dead letter.

      *One thing humanity needs to drive out with a whip is any kind of theological/dogmatic insistence on “right belief”. No, there’s nothing but right and wrong actions.

      Comment by Russ — December 30, 2016 @ 5:56 am

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