October 7, 2016

The Reason: War

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If everyone who claimed to oppose war would refuse to vote for any warmonger, America would never wage aggressive war.
The reason the US government incessantly, every day, wages wars of aggression and commits war crimes is not because of those who openly exalt war. It’s because almost all who claim to oppose war are frauds who really support it. Their vote proves it.
*When I write of “the reason” in these brief posts, I do so in the spirit of the priests and the flock of the electoral cult which exalts voting as the Alpha and Omega. Therefore I speak of causes insofar as voters cause things. Of course in reality there are more reasons than this.
One of his campaign slogans, from day one. So it is today.

One of his campaign slogans, from day one. So it is with today’s election, and with all of Babylon’s elections.



  1. […] according to the cult of electoralism, Big Ag is caused by those who vote for Big Ag, just as war is caused by those who vote for war. I write these pieces in honor of their cult. . . One last point, this one completely serious. […]

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  2. […] and therefore are responsible for all. Previous installments demonstrate that the voters vote for war and corporate industrial agriculture, in spite of the lies many tell about this. . The voters of […]

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  3. […] Along with war, the climate crisis gives perhaps the best example of how, according to the tenets of the electoral faith, the voters vote for exactly what they want, which contradicts what they fraudulently claim to want. . To state the fact clearly: There is one and only one way to avert the worst consequences of climate change: Greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, stop destroying carbon sinks, rebuild carbon sinks. . Currently it’s not possible to vote for a party which wants to do this, so it follows it’s not possible to vote in any way but for worsening climate change. . It is possible to build an anti-corporate movement which would do this, and stemming from that movement a political party which given the power would do this. But that requires hard work and the suspension of demands for instant gratification and celebrity Fuhrerprinzip. . But as we’ve always seen, no one wants to do movement-building work and the voters want nothing other than the instant gratification of exalting a Leader. They refuse even to try to comprehend any other idea. That’s why they’re the faithful of the electoral cult in the first place, the political participation equivalent of McDonald’s. . . And thus: If everyone who claimed to care about the climate crisis would refuse to vote for anyone who promises broadly to continue the high-emission, sink-destroying system, America would transform itself to a low-emission economy (which would also accomplish a general economic liberation and broadly spread prosperity and health). . The reason the US government propagates nothing but policies that increase emissions and continue to destroy sinks is not because of de jure climate change deniers. It’s primarily because almost all who claim to care about climate change are frauds who really want to make it worse. Their vote proves it. . (This vote being part of a general kind of climate change denialism which, for example, thinks driving a fracking car or mountaintop-removal mining car is “doing something about climate change”. No, that’s contributing to it, and adding more hypocrisy to the brew while you’re at it. The problem, as everyone knows perfectly well, is the personal car as such. Since no one wants to give up the car, there exists no political party of giving up the car, and therefore no political party which isn’t an aggressor of climate change.) . . If you vote for continuing this level of emissions and continuing to destroy carbon sinks, you have no right to complain about climate change. . Or to put it more simply, if you vote for the Corporate One-Party you have no right to complain about climate change. Same as for war, corporate agriculture, and Wall Street. . . To repeat, in reality voters in the corporate neoliberal pseudo-democracy don’t really have this power. (And to get a different system you need to do movement-building work from outside that system, not keep voting within it. This should be obvious to any sentient being, yet in today’s “politics” it might as well be the most unfathomable mystery of the universe.) But the religion of electoralism, on full imbecile display at such noxious times as these, claims that voters have 100% of the power. So I’m explaining them to themselves according to their own measure. According to their own faith, they’re nothing but despicable liars where it comes to everything they ever claim to care about. Their vote proves it, always. . . . […]

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