January 21, 2016

The Role of the Gates Foundation


A new report, Gated Development from Global Justice Now, describes the role of the Gates Foundation as providing fraudulent “philanthropic” propaganda cover for what’s really nothing but brutal corporate colonialism. I’ll add that this colonialism is also a testing ground for other totalitarian assaults. This piece is just an introduction.
In spite of its “humanitarian” lies (which are always embellished with Randroid spin that all good things can come only from total corporate control), the Gates Foundation really stands for three extremely anti-human things:
1. Total corporate control of agriculture and food on a monoculture commodity export basis. For decades this has been proven to do nothing but increase hunger, famine, and disease. The Gates Foundation is an extreme activist on behalf of globalization export agriculture and seeks systematically to eradicate African food production, and therefore to maximize food insecurity, hunger, and famine. According to official globalization propaganda the country that eradicates food production in favor of commodity export is supposed to import food. (From where, once everyone’s all in on Roundup Ready soybeans and Bt corn and cotton, as the logic of the system demands? From Mars, I guess.) But this was proven not to work decades ago, and therefore has been a conscious, criminal lie for decades. Bill Gates is a Nuremburg-level criminal liar. As are all propagators of the “Feed the World” Big Lie.
2. The childish infatuation with the idea of alleged “hi-tech” for its own sake. I stress, it’s just the idea of GMOs that the techno-cultists worship. The fact that in reality GMOs are wrongly conceived, incompetently designed, shoddy, failure-prone, and 100% dependent on corporate welfare and brute force to keep them in the field doesn’t matter to the cultists. Nor that so-called “hi tech” GMOs are just supplementary products to help force the purchase and slathering of the retrograde, luddite technology of pesticides, and that in fact the entire GMO complex is a backward, luddite technological system. Reality doesn’t matter to cult fundamentalists, only their cult articles of faith.
3. The long run goal of totalitarian technocratic control, supported by a mass eugenics program based on genetic engineering and the mass coerced genetic and hormonal control programs forced by application of environmental poisons. This is where the corporate and cultist agendas fully mesh. For the corporations, the eugenics program is intended to increase their power. For the cultists, the purpose of corporate rule is to aggrandize the eugenics program for its own sake, as well as increasing the power of engineers.
The current uncontrolled onslaught of agricultural poisons and agricultural genetic engineering is driven not just by profiteering and the social and political control it generates for the corporate state. It’s also a stalking horse for animal and human eugenics, and a so far uncontrolled experiment in the effects of a massive application of environmental poisons upon human genetics, hormones, neurobiology, and general health. Especially cancer, since establishment science and the corporate state view cancer as a very promising phenomenon which they want to learn how to control. That’s why they’re intentionally, systematically inflicting massive doses of known cancer-causing poisons upon the people. It’s literally a massive, albeit uncontrolled, cancer experiment. This is not rhetoric, but the only conclusion which rationally can follow from the evidence. What other conclusion is possible? No sane, humanly decent person could be in any doubt about the physical savagery of industrial poisons, or have any thought other than to abolish them and production systems based upon them (which are always less efficient and less productive than ecological systems). So when we contemplate those who want to continue with poison-based agriculture and other poison onslaughts, the Poisoners, we can have recourse only to explanations which involve insanity and extremes of evil such as history has seldom equaled and never exceeded.
Today the Gates Foundation is the primary propaganda coordinator on behalf of these three ideological and anti-political assaults. It’s the main coordinator among the various branches of the corporate state – the US and UK governments, the Big Ag corporations, the G8, the universities, the corporate media, and various system NGOs. The new report describes many of these coordination activities, and how they all add up to a comprehensive front of lies and policy aggression. I’ll be writing more on this.


  1. The GF is doing the same with vaccinations- turning populations into giant laboratory experiments- injecting (children) with known neurotoxins under the guise of “health”. It’s absolutely insane.

    Comment by Pete — January 21, 2016 @ 1:02 pm

    • There’s a section in the report about that. Forced vaccine experimentation on children in India and Africa with disastrous results. That’s a significant piece of evidence for the Poisoners’ overall “experimental” mindset toward humanity as a whole.

      There’s also a discussion of how dubious the notion is that a polio vaccine has wiped out polio in India, since the vaccine seems to be causing a high rate of a disease similar to polio. Fraudulent accounting. Take with one hand, give with the other.

      Comment by Russ — January 21, 2016 @ 1:45 pm

      • Yep, 12 fold increase in Accute flaccid paralysis in India (Polio “eradicated”… poof!). They are certainly not intending to make anyone healthier. If they did, they’d start by improving the living conditions, sanitation, and nutrition. All they’re doing is spreading more live viruses around in a giant petri dish. I have a friend who is just finishing a comprehensive research book on vaccines. Turns out the “science” is as dubiously fraudulent as with GMOs. You can sense the desperation with the pharma cartel as the credibility of the vaccine paradigm is beginning to crumble. They are ramping up the legislative bribes to pass new laws that remove all exemptions from their poison shots. Surely medical tyranny has to be the last sign of a rotting institution. Despite a passive reporting system and an injury court set up with too many resource hurdles for most people, vaccines have simply damaged too many people to keep covered up anymore. Our products are so good that we have to have the Govt. pick up the tab for all the damages it causes and force people to take them against their will.

        Comment by Pete — January 24, 2016 @ 1:13 pm

      • Yeah, in most contexts vaccination programs are at best part of what I’d call decadent, this use of the term meaning that the corporate globalization system trashes and toxifies and fouls the environment and destroys all stable community, driving the people into unsanitary living conditions, and then applies a meager band aid to a gaping wound. But the real answer is to restore the things you say, living conditions, sanitation, nutrition. (“Golden rice” would be the same kind of decadence if it really existed, if it weren’t actually a hoax.)

        In reality this is really disaster capitalism, and the epidemics and famines are intentionally generated for profit and power purposes. Analysis of the Gates Foundation provides lots of evidence.

        The strongest evidence of how unsafe at least corporate-controlled vaccines are is the very fact that government indemnifies the manufacturers of liability. Um, I thought the way the capitalist allegedly runs risks is supposed to be the thing which justifies the existence of “profit”. Quite a discrepancy between the propaganda and the reality, in all corporate sectors but especially agriculture and drugs.

        “Medical tyranny has to be the last sign of a rotting institution.” That’s a classic.

        Comment by Russ — January 24, 2016 @ 5:19 pm

  2. Gated Development is very informative. Another recent report, published in December, is Philanthropic Power and Development: Who Shapes the Agenda? by Jens Martens and Karolin Seitz.
    And Linsey McGoey’s recent book, No Such Thing as a Free Gift: The Gates Foundation and the Price of Philanthropy.

    Comment by Brooks Anderson — January 23, 2016 @ 10:33 pm

    • Thanks for those links, Brooks. I’ll check them out. “Gated Development” sure is an informative overview. For example, I was already aware of the basics of how the Gates Foundation is a massive tax fraud and corporate welfare scam, but it was interesting to learn the details.

      Comment by Russ — January 24, 2016 @ 3:52 am

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