December 23, 2015

GMOs Are For the Rich Only


Among the good points this piece makes is that GM salmon is a product designed for wealthier consumers, and can’t possibly affect hunger even in principle.
This is true of all GMOs. GM maize and soy are not food, but rather are overwhelmingly destined to become animal feed in factory farms generating meat for upper-class consumers. GMOs cannot address hunger even in theory. On the contrary, they make it worse, just like they escalate every other pathology of corporate industrial agriculture.
So GMOs are a rich man’s technology from the consumer end. They’re also a rich man’s technology from the production end. In order to have any chance of functioning as advertised, these extremely high maintenance products require lavish inputs of fertilizer, pesticides, and irrigation. Small farmers, especially those dependent on rainfall in lower-precipitation regions like India, don’t have a chance.
Of course, GMOs are most of all a technology for the very rich, the corporations and big shareholders who rake in the vast corporate welfare revenues. GMOs, like much alleged “hi-tech”, are not profitable in any textbook capitalist sense. On the contrary, from any reality-based point of view they’re highly destructive and hemorrhage social wealth. But like much corporate technology they become extremely lucrative when the government lavishes subsidies and intellectual property rights upon them.
So in all ways GMOs are a product by and for the 1% and for the wealthier strata of the societies that consume the meat derived from them. For everyone else, they’re worthless and malign.



  1. This is a very good point. Also, it’s become pretty obvious that as industrial agriculture has taken over the food supply (including GMO crops), the prices continue to rise. This is why I’m always a little startled when people continue to fall for the line that GMOs will lower food prices.

    Comment by dualpersonality — December 23, 2015 @ 3:52 pm

    • It’s like the way each poison defeated by resistant weeds/pests has to be answered by an even more destructive poison. As industrial food continues to lose its one arguable virtue, its inexpensiveness, the propaganda says the system needs to be escalated in order to bring the prices back down or just hold the line. In a vague but loud way they claim GMOs can somehow do this.

      But in truth GMOs intensify and aggravate all the pathologies of corporate industrial agriculture and food. This includes the end of low checkout prices (but not of cheapness as far as quality goes – on the contrary quality will continue its steep decline), and especially the escalating pesticide treadmill.

      Comment by Russ — December 23, 2015 @ 4:54 pm

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