July 27, 2015

Steal $100, You’re A Thief; Steal $100 Million, You’re a Hero


Prosecutors say they want a long prison sentence, what would effectively be a life term, for the CEO of Peanut Corporation. This person was convicted of knowingly and willfully poisoning the food supply, causing the deaths of nine people and sickening over 700 more. We see how specially selected Bernie Madoff types can be made examples of with great fanfare. Of course the example has to be easily represented as a “bad apple”, and his comeuppance demonstrated as evidence that “the system works”.
Meanwhile the corporate executives, salesmen, contractors, and food processors and retailers responsible for producing and selling food systematically suffused with cancer- and birth defect-causing glyphosate are impervious to “the law”. Once again we see how killing one person makes you a murderer, while killing millions makes you a pillar of society.


  1. […] no one knew earlier than Monsanto and the EPA that glyphosate causes cancer. We’re up to 35 years of knowing, willful homicidal dereliction. . More recently the evidence has been building, accusing glyphosate of causing other cancers. . *A […]

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