February 21, 2015

The Lunatics Running the Asylum


Remember “drapetomania”, the expert-diagnosed mental illness that caused slaves irrationally to want to escape from slavery? Those same experts are now trying to call the desire and fight for real food a mental illness, “orthorexia nervosa”. I like it. Let them keep it up with their superciliousness, insults, and obvious lies. It’ll only further discredit their fraudulent “scientific” corporate establishment. It’ll only further isolate scientism from all political and social grounding, rendering it even more completely dependent on the brute force which will eventually fail. And then where will they turn?
Meanwhile so far as I know there’s not yet a diagnosis and term for irrationally taking the word of credentialed experts, even though their corporate mercenary interest is clear and their historical record for being grotesquely wrong in every such case is nearly unbroken. Same for corporate media “journalists” like those who are trying to be boosters for this notion that wanting unpoisoned food is irrational. This must be especially attractive to the NYT-led media, which specializes in trying to “diagnose” dissident individuals and movements and military opposition to US aggression as being forms of mental illness.
Is there a diagnosis and term for being OK with poisoning the food, water, air, and soil, and being happy to eat and drink poison this way?



  1. The word games the establishment spin doctors play have another facet to them: they serve as suggestions to the unconscious mind.

    You must understand hypnosis to understand the human condition. Most people don’t even know hypnosis exists, and those that do rarely think about the implications. Why? Reread this after I write it and you’ll understand why people zone out.

    When a hypnotist tells the subject/victim that he is a chipmunk, it sounds like a moronic statement to make, yet this “suggestion” then causes the subject to believe he’s a chipmunk and he starts acting accordingly. Understanding this is key to understanding why millions of people walk around believing in things as if they are mentally retarded and constantly engage in self defeating behavior, such as flooding their minds daily with media cartel rubbish, and making no real effort to find out what goes on in the real world.

    When you see in the movies a hypnotist swinging a pendulum in front of a subject’s eyes… this use of a steady rhythm to induce the hypnotic state is actually the classic way it’s done. Books have been written about how the tv set flickers in a steady rhythm, you don’t notice it consciously, but it is ideal for inducing a hypnotic state. The moronic statements the cranks and disinfo agents in the media cartel repeat over and over go into the viewer’s mind, often taking hold.

    Other things vibrate in a steady rhythm in your home, such as the electrical system. Books have been written asking why it is set up to vibrate in a range that has biological effects on our bodies.

    Add to this there are many technologies that you are unaware of, and the fact that Big Brother uses a great variety of programming techniques on you, from cradle to grave.

    But, I’m not a defeatist. We get help also in many ways unseen. and steady rhythms can also be used for good, such as drum circles, music, etc. The idea is to be conscious while doing it. I’m pretty excited about my current project, a band that plays local shows, most all of the experience will be non verbal, attuning people of all ages to ancient imagery, drumming, good music that sparks dancing, no booze or dope, and everyone’s in the show if they want to be. I don’t have to try to reason with anyone (Most people here in “the belly of the beast” don’t use reason to arrive at their basic beliefs, Big Brother gives them their ideas) but rather, hope to reach them at a deep non verbal level, where they leave the show purer, healthier and thinking more clearly.

    Comment by Tom M Culhane — February 21, 2015 @ 1:40 pm

  2. geno-suicide

    Comment by Gary Mateusz — February 21, 2015 @ 11:42 pm

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