February 6, 2015

CRIIGEN Asking for Support

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If you’re looking to donate to a good cause, the Committee for Independent Research and Information on Genetic Engineering (CRIIGEN) has put out a call for contributions to support its work. As the letter explains, CRIIGEN is an independent research group which conducts studies on GMOs, pesticides, and related poisons. It’s therefore an extremely rare source of data which hasn’t been corrupted in any way by corporate funding and control.
Among the many studies CRIIGEN has conducted, it’s best known for the 2012 Seralini study on Roundup Ready maize which documented organ toxicity from both Roundup and the GMO itself, and which found evidence that these are cancer-causing as well. This full life cycle (two years) study remains the only such study which has ever been performed, and is the best science we have to date.
This study was therefore relentlessly slandered, with a set of canned lies being propagated even before it was published. In response to this and other attacks from industry and its affiliated hacks, CRIIGEN has been forced to hire communications staff, which has increased its expenses. This is one of the reasons for its current call for financial support. Read the letter for more information.




  1. Hi Russ,

    Thanks for this info. Are you aware whether/why the FDA does/does not pay attention to CRIGEN’s studies?

    Comment by William Wilson — February 6, 2015 @ 10:43 am

    • Hi William,

      The FDA, as a corporatist bureaucracy, has always been aggressively pro-Monsanto. So the politically-appointed leadership there has never been willing to listen to scientific input, from their own scientists in the early 90s to CRIIGEN today. The FDA also refuses in principle to recognize transgenes, Bt endotoxins, or suffused herbicides as food additives, which they certainly are at the very least. The FDA has zero credibility.


      Comment by Russ — February 7, 2015 @ 4:43 am

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