November 28, 2014

GMO News Summary November 28, 2014


*Archer Daniels Midland is the latest plaintiff to sue on account of the ongoing export debacle Syngenta has caused with its MIR162 maize product. ADM joins Cargill, other corporations, several farmer class actions, and individual farmers suing Syngenta, alleging it lied about imminent Chinese approval of its product. In fact China never approved MIR162 for importation and started rejecting US maize exports in late 2013. The rejections continued into 2014, and as a result US farmers and exporters have lost $ billions according to the National Grain and Feed Association. According to the suits Syngenta not only lied about Chinese approval but abdicated its “stewardship” responsibilities for keeping its product separate from the regular commodity stream. As I’ve written, this highlights not just Syngenta’s specific sleaziness, but the structural impossibility of “co-existence” among GMOs or between GM and non-GM agriculture. “Stewardship” in this context is another bogus term and concept; in truth such stewardship is not only impossible but antithetical to the whole commodification structure.
*A new study surveyed US government data on a wide range of diseases over the last 25-40 years. The data shows sharp increases in the incidence of many kinds of disease, including cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune diseases, organ disease, and others. The researchers then compared this data with the levels of Roundup/glyphosate use over the same period, and with the growing of GM crops over the same period. It was already obvious that the surge of sickening came roughly in tandem with the advent of GMOs, their escalating presence in today’s usual diets, and the huge surge of glyphosate use which accompanied the commercialization of Roundup Ready crops. Now this study has statistically matched the trends and found very strong scientific correlations between poison-based agriculture, poison-laden food, and severe disease.
*It’s been proven that Roundup/glyphosate disrupts honeybee behavior and is likely at least a contributing factor to the collapse of honeybee populations. A new study adds to the evidence that glyphosate also harms the reproduction of earthworms, which are just as important for growing food as bees. This is part of Roundup’s general destruction of the soil microbiology and ecosystem. Perhaps nothing so perfectly exemplifies the insanity of the NPK ideology of industrial agriculture, the way it sees the soil not as the living basis of plant growth in the same way the plankton broth of the ocean is the basis of the entire oceanic food chain but as a purely inert, lifeless “medium”, than the way it has completely committed itself to slathering poisons like Roundup which help denude and destroy the soil.
*It’s a Vietnam War reprise. Although the US military isn’t yet coming back, the spirit of the criminal South Vietnam regime lives. In spite of the overwhelming evidence record from everywhere else in Asia, Vietnam’s government is gung ho to bring the full-scale GMO regime to its fields and food. In an action both substantial and symbolic, the government has welcomed Agent Orange manufacturer Monsanto back into the country. For Monsanto it must be like old times.
*Representatives from the scientific and civil society groups which called upon the European Commissioner to scrap the bogus position of “Chief Science Adviser” (cf. last week’s news summary) have issued a statement, “Principles of Good Scientific Advice”, which they hope will guide the new EU setup. These include public participation, no direct politicking by advisers, transparency, independence from lobbying, and some suggestions for enacting these. While these are fine in theory, there’s no reason to think system governments, dedicated as they are to corporate “science”, will enact them. The best use of such reform statements is to publicize them, explain why they’re right, and then use them as yardsticks to criticize the con job being run by today’s scientific establishment – in government, in corporate PR material, in academia, in the corporate media, among carnival barkers like Neil DeGrasse Tyson – and degrade public confidence in all these liars.



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