November 12, 2014

Basic Points on GMO Health Implications

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This is toward a standard argument vs. the liars as well as the lukewarm critics who are ignorant of the science and/or out of timidity want to steer clear of this critical battlefront.
1. No government or corporation has ever performed a legitimate, full-length toxicity, epidemiology, or cancer study upon any GMO. They’ve done only short-term (“subchronic”) trials which measure only industrial parameters like fast weight gain. (According to pro-GMO activist logic, smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer because the cancer rate among 14-year old smokers is negligible.) These industry trials generally include fraudulent methodology like the use of “historical control groups” to drown out any toxicity or cancer data which does manifest.
Note that every compendium of so-called “studies” sponsored by the pro-GMO activists – the Snell report, the EU SAFOTEST report, the Nicolia survey, the “Trillion Meal Study”, GENERA, the “GMO Pundit” list, etc. ad nauseum – is nothing but another list of these same bogus industry trials.
So the positive scientific evidence for the safety of GMOs is ZERO.
Meanwhile we have the very strong negative evidence of the self-evident fact that the only reason governments and corporations refuse to perform real full-length safety studies is that they’re terrified of what the results will be. This is proof that Monsanto and the US government believe genetic engineering products are dangerous to health.
2. In spite of the scientifically invalid duration, parameters, and methodology of industry feeding trials, these have nevertheless consistently found evidence of allergenicity, toxicity, and cancer. Let’s recall that the boogeyman of the pro-GM hacks, Gilles-Eric Seralini, started out as a biotech supporter but wanted a full-duration safety study performed on Monsanto’s Roundup Ready maize on account of toxicity evidence discovered by Monsanto’s own feeding trials.
And then the handful of independent, full-length, legitimate studies which have been done have found strong evidence of allergenicity, toxicity, and cancer.
3. The Showa Denko and X-SCID incidents provide proof of principle that genetic engineering can cause lethal outbreaks unpredictably at any time. Also, the mechanism which caused the lethal Mad Cow Disease epidemic, the malformation of proteins in the brain, is a theoretically predictable chaotic effect of genetic engineering. No one knows if, when, and where such effects will manifest, or how severely.
4. 1-3 refer to genetic engineering as such. Then there’s the proven facts of Bt allergenicity and toxicity and that glyphosate causes reproductive damage, miscarriages, stillbirths, birth defects, neurological damage, organ damage, and cancer. And that’s for one of the less toxic pesticides. 2,4-D, slated for a massive upsurge of use starting in 2015 with the advent of the new Agent Orange GMOs, is even worse. Pesticides in general are known to be highly poisonous to humans, livestock, and ecosystems. GMOs are nothing more or less than poison plants. There are effectively only two kinds: Those engineered to produce their own endemic poison in every cell, and those engineered to be tolerant of massive amounts of herbicide sprayed upon them and endemically incorporated into their tissues. So GMOs have no purpose and no goal but to double down on poison-based agriculture and cause a massive increase in the use of agricultural poisons, which shall then increasingly poison humanity and the earth.



  1. “So GMOs have no purpose and no goal but to double down on poison-based agriculture and cause a massive increase in the use of agricultural poisons, which shall then increasingly poison humanity and the earth.”

    And of course the fundamental goal, just as with pharmaceuticals, is to generate royalties for these sleazy corporations, for things that used to be everyone’s birthright. Corn, just like medicinal plants, used to be for everyone. So these scumbags alter things a little bit so they can get patents and make royalties every time you eat. A patent for altering a plant they never created and have no idea how to create. It’d be like me putting my own bumper sticker on a Toyota and then receiving a patent that lets me sell Toyotas as my own creation, so long as I affix my bumper sticker to it.

    Of course bumper stickers don’t then go and contaminate the whole natural world like gmos.

    Comment by Tom M Culhane — November 12, 2014 @ 2:40 pm

    • Quite right. Maize as we know it was created by:

      1. Nature, which itself modified teosinte into primeval maize.

      2. Thousands of years of farmer breeding.

      3. A hundred years or so of publicly funded scientific breeding. This
      includes hybridization technique and the public domain varieties which
      the private sector pirated in order to build up their socioeconomic
      muscle in the first place.

      What has the private sector added to this monumental structure? Trivial
      details at best, mostly bogusly marketed “pseudo-varieties” (as the NAS
      itself called them) indistinguishable in any substantive way from the public varieties it
      pirated. And in the case of genetic modification, purely
      destructive additions, for the sake of nothing but to force agriculture
      to be more monocultural, commodifiable, and poison-drenched. These
      engineers and corporate cadres are nothing but worthless, destructive

      And of course, “intellectual property” itself is an anti-competitive,
      anti-rational, and where it comes to life forms, anti-scientific
      artifice of Big Government.

      The bumper sticker analogy is good. I always say it’s like if a stranger comes in and changes a light bulb and then says he now owns your house.

      (To make the analogy even more accurate, the new light bulb is extremely dim and flickery, then bursts and starts a fire.)

      Comment by Russ — November 12, 2014 @ 4:50 pm

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