June 29, 2014

Notes on GMO Scientism and its Ideological Threads


One of the constant ideological threads among scienticians and adherents of the scientism cult is denial of how poisoning our bodies damages our health, and shrill hostility toward anyone who states the fact that our food and water are being poisoned.
This is part of their hostility toward the body and their resentment of the fact that the conscious mind, itself just an epiphenomenon of neurobiology, needs to concern itself with care of the mere physical body.
Support for GMOs and other agricultural poisons is therefore, for many, a gesture of anti-body defiance, and is self-evidently an expression of homicidal-suicidal resentment toward one’s own body.
This is obviously the basis of the transhumanist religion. Ironically, although the devotees of this cult see themselves as rational technologists in thinking that some aspect of the mind can be transferred to a computer, this is really just a rehash of age-old metaphysics and mysticism of “the soul” as distinct from the inferior, mechanical body. The transhumanists are merely epigones of a prehistoric mindset.
It’s also ironic that they despise this marvelously crafted work, the human body, so well designed by millions of years of evolution, in favor of a relatively shoddy machine which imperfectly conscious humans constructed over the last few years. This is one of the many manifestations of anti-evolutionism and creationist ideology expressed by today’s scientism cult. They deny the craftsmanship of evolution while religiously fetishizing the idea of what their own alleged godhead can “create”.
So we can see how support for poison-based agriculture has, as one of its ideological threads, a deranged epigone version of an ancient religious cult notion, the duality of mind and body. This of course dovetails excellently with the debunked genetic engineering ideology, that one gene = one trait, and so an engineer can remove a gene from one organism and insert it into another with predictable results. It also dovetails with the broader NPK ideology, that agriculture is just the sum of its inputs, which can be dismantled, reassembled, mixed and matched, in any way the manipulator desires. GE ideology is just a subset of this broader fallacy. I’ll be writing more about how it dovetails with eugenics, and how today’s genetic engineering cadres are direct descendants, ideologically and institutionally, of the original, more honestly racist eugenicists.
In every case we have a hatred for holistic systems, and especially for ideas about these systems. It’s all grounded in the worst aspects of human nature – greed, hatred, lust for domination, self-loathing. These ideological threads offer the delusion that one man can be an island, that the food he eats and the water he drinks aren’t the same as those he poisoned for everyone else, and most of all that someday, somehow, the pure soul shall break free of this disgusting prison of the body. So even if we are poisoning the body, it won’t matter since we’ll soon break free of it anyway. The “get off this rock” fantasy, and the hatred of the earth it expresses, is another version of the same pathology, and leads to the same nihilist practical conclusion. Since we’ll be “breaking free” of the earth anyway, there’s no reason not to destroy it while we’re here.
These are all, in turn, clearly versions of another age-old religious doctrine, that there’s going to be a “second coming” or some other kind of apocalypse. Therefore, as Reagan’s interior secretary James Watt said, why worry about poisoning and destroying the environment? IBGYBG (I’ll-be-gone-you’ll-be-gone), as they say on Wall Street.
So there’s some notes on the ideological basis of support for poison-based agriculture and how it dovetails with the corporate drive for profit, power, control, and domination.


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