June 17, 2014

The Health Dangers of GMOs


I think that when the ultimate destruction is tallied, the worst poison vectors of poison-based agriculture will be the herbicides and pesticides, including GMOs as poison plants. That GMOs endemically express Bt toxins and are endemically suffused with vicious herbicides will turn out to have been their worst effects. So in the future, as I write about the health effects of the poisons of poison-based agriculture, I’ll be focusing more on these than on the dangers of genetic engineering as such. It’s interesting, though, that corporations and governments live in terror of what safety testing would reveal about genetic engineering as such. Perhaps they know something we haven’t learned yet.
At any rate, in this case as always the truth is on our side. There’s never any need to exaggerate it. To give one example where some might be prone to exaggerate, there’s no need to say “All GMOs as such are definitely hazardous to human health.” 
What we know:
1. The Showa Denko and X-SCID incidents provide proof of principle that the results of genetic engineering can be lethal to humans.
2. When we consider GMOs as such, we find there’s a strong theoretical basis for their being dangerous to human health, and considerable experimental and epidemiological evidence that this is so.
3. At the very least, no GMO should ever have been commercialized without long-term rigorous safety testing. There’s sufficient evidence today for a recall of existing commercialized products and a moratorium on new approvals until they’ve all been sufficiently tested.
That’s the position supported by the science, and that’s what critics say.
Contrast the hacks, who have zero evidence on their side. They have nothing but lies and dogma.
They originally dodged the precautionary principle and justified commercializing GMOs without safety testing based on the fraudulent ideological, anti-scientific dogma of “substantial equivalence”. The US FDA led the way in promulgating this criminal lie. (The EFSA equivalent is called “comparative safety assessment”, a term invented by the ILSI industry group to replace the embarrassing “substantial equivalence”.) This dogma never had a rigorous definition (it was an intentionally vague bureaucratic notion) but was always known to be a lie by any definition.
Today the main lie regarding GMO food safety is the ever-inflating number of meals allegedly safely eaten. This started out a few years ago at a relatively modest figure in the billions, but quickly hyperinflated to “three trillion”, the figure always regurgitated today.
This lie tries to shout down the growing evidence of surges in many allergies and diseases correlated with the commercialization of GMOs and their subsequent ubiquity in the food supply of the West and other places.
The “three trillion” Big Lie is often accompanied by a corollary direct factual lie, implicit or explicit, that governments have performed epidemiological studies and determined that the food supply is safe. But the fact is that no government has ever performed any such study. Nor has anyone else. Nor could such a study easily be designed, since governments have suppressed information about GMOs in the diet by not requiring labeling.
And then it’s common to see, for example in the pages of “Scientific American”, the direct lie that government regulators like the FDA performed safety tests in the first place, prior to commercialization. To repeat, no government has EVER performed or required a single such test.
That should tell us all we need to know about the cartel and government attitude toward truth where it comes to the health hazards of GMOs. They believe that GMOs are hazardous to human health, and they believe that rigorous safety testing would prove this. Therefore, they made sure never to require or perform the testing.
They hope claims of naivete and innocent ignorance will save them at the New Nuremburg. But their ignorance is not innocent. It is willful and systematic, and is based on their belief that they’re lethally poisoning humanity. Morally this is every bit as culpable as the most consciously premeditated mass murder policy.
As for the self-styled “reasonable”, “moderate” commentators we see everywhere, those who are total ignoramuses where it comes to the subject but who believe in the non-existent “scientific consensus” because the New York Times told them to, they’re the same type who in the past have known that tobacco was safe, asbestos was safe, as were PCBs, DDT, dioxin, thalidomide, and many others. Their record of wrong-headed conformity is so perfect that it’s practically a guarantee GMOs are at least as toxic as these.


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