June 15, 2014

Intellectual Property and Ideology in the War of Control Over Humanity


Intellectual property in any aspect of life is just the arbitrary placement of an ownership marker somewhere amid the self-renewing cycle of life itself. It would be no less arbitrary to place the ownership marker with whoever first espied a bacterium or found a plant and dug up a specimen. After all, that’s how it’s done with gold claims, oil, etc.
The fact is that corporatism strategically placed its otherwise arbitrary marker at the position best suited to maximize its power and control. We should see this as a military position, and the military task of the abolitionists is to drive the enemy out of that position.
From this point of view, it never mattered if genetic engineering actually did anything worthwhile. All the corporatists needed was for the techniques to sort-of work to give enough of a pretext for the patenting and for the “innovation” ideology they would then promulgate to get the public to accept this control marker on a cycle of life which, if it belongs to anyone, belongs to humanity as a whole.
On the other hand, it did matter very much that genetic engineering could be claimed to have every sort of miracle potential, since a goal from the start was to use the scientism/technocracy strain of the “progress” ideology as the ideological window dressing. This was designed to turn something as prosaic and brutal as corporate control over agriculture and food into a grand ideological crusade, a kind of mass movement based on liberal-type good vibes about “feeding the world”, “revolutionizing medicine”, and similar lies.
Although the corporate cadres themselves never believed much in their own hype (cf. Nick Azevedo’s testimony), liberals and conservatives, professionals of every stripe, and of course the technicians themselves and “scientists” in general, were supposed to be true believers.
So a key strategic goal also is to discredit and trounce the obscurantist scientism/technocracy/”feed the world” ideology, leaving the stark fact of corporate domination exposed to the full light of day.



  1. Another point against GMOs and the “food progress” racket is the way so much money and so many resources are being poured into this unnecessary, really frivolous experiment, when they could be used to find the causes of cancer, and genuine cures for it. How incredible that in an era when so many people are suffering from this disease, such waste is taking place.

    Comment by DualPersonality — June 15, 2014 @ 10:53 am

    • Since agricultural poisons are among the main causes of cancer, it wouldn’t do for the same system which depends upon money flows from these poisons to really try to cure, let alone prevent, cancer.

      Besides, just tending cancer through proprietary drugs is a lucrative sector in itself.

      Comment by Russ — June 15, 2014 @ 11:32 am

  2. IP is a concept to protect the inventor or researcher who spends enormous amounts of time to design and develop something and is a way to protect the time they have invested in it. this is how we encourage the exploration of new things with a reward.

    In my opinion It was never meant to be used as a forever concept. If they want to protect the property forever the best way is to keep it under lock and key. However when men become greedy and power hungry they can twist the original intent of any concept that was meant to help us be treated fairly. The interpretation of laws of men can never replace the intent of them unless those that interpret them become corrupt themselves. A dilemma since we became a civilization…

    When the human brain can recognize the beginning of harmful patterns of behavior instantaneously it seems that we want to complete them based on history and try and second guess the pattern we are seeing… we must beware… because this is exactly how the John Birch Society was formed by falsely accusing someone with only the beginning of the evidence of communistic tendencies resulting in us all being afraid of each other as we all feared the pinkos..

    It would seem as we have advanced we would work toward the goal of fairness but instead we seem to continue to focus on how to pervert the intent and second guess each other and spend endless hour debating something that as a thought can be changed in a second before it is finished thus changing the original intent of our behavior as it is completed… is there no way to think about ways to stop this or we will continue to have these same endless debates and fears for the rest of history… It seems monsanto fully understands this dilemma and I am sure they will use it if they are indeed are as you say they are… so with that being said if we are so intelligent is there no other way to right the ship than what we are doing?

    Comment by Dave Outlaw — June 15, 2014 @ 7:13 pm

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