June 5, 2014

Pro-GMO Scum Want A Reporter’s Scalp for Acting Like A Reporter

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I’ve noted that Reuters’ Carey Gillam stands out as a rare example of a corporate media reporter who actually does for the most part function as something close to a real journalist. Her reporting on GMOs and related issues is generally even-handed in the textbook sense and contains a minimum of corporatist ideological assumptions.
This must be why she’s now the target of a concerted attack by several leading GMO hacks. These scum are making her reporting the specific target of a barrage of lies and idiotic rhetoric, all as part of the backdrop for their demand that she be fired.
It’s really amazing how there’s no one in the media who’s more consistently shrill, hysterical, and moronically venomous than these cadres whose leading claim is that they represent “science”. There’s simply no one around who presents themselves in a less scientific, more irrational way than these hacks.
They consistently demonstrate that they have no ideas and no arguments, and that this deficiency fills them with fear and hatred of truth. They know they have nothing but lies, noise, corporate welfare, and brute force to prop up their own worthless existences and the worthless existence of the shitty product they tout. As Marion Nestle is quoted in the piece I linked, they’re “scared to death” that someday they might actually have to face their opponents and victims in a fair fight. They know that’ll be the end for them.
The other source of this anti-scientific, irrational venom is their technocratic ideology, whose only real content beyond childish techno-hype about stupid toys that will never work is a disdain for human beings. This disdain immediately surges to a spewing, frothing-at-the-mouth rage wherever the people actually dare to question the fraudulent “authority” of these gutter bullies.
That’s why there was never a rational debate about genetic engineering or similar technology. The practitioners and touts always combined this deep-seated lack of confidence regarding the value and even the practicability of the technology they religiously worship with, by way of overcompensation, a rabid intolerance of even the mildest criticism. Thus from the beginning of genetic engineering’s public profile in the 1970s the engineers resorted to insults and superciliousness, and soon lies, instead of rationally trying to defend their endeavor.
If you’re ever in any doubt about the evidence, just consider the two most characteristic behaviors on the part of GMO proponents.
1. They never give reasons or listen to anyone and answer objections, but do nothing but spew shrill invective and hyperbole. They rage against critics or against anyone like Gillam who is even modestly even-handed. There’s no one anywhere in “political” discourse whose expression is a more purely toxic mix of lies, shrieks, threats, and attempts to hurt other people, like this call for a reporter’s firing because she writes in a textbook journalistic way.
2. Governments and corporations have always refused to require or conduct valid scientific safety studies. This in itself by now comprises proof that they fear the worst about GMOs and related poisons. They’re scared to death indeed. That they also viciously attack the independent science which is done on these poisons is further confirmation of their imperative to suppress any real knowledge of them. Same for their fanatical resistance to even something so moderate and common-sense as labeling.
I still can’t get over how the GMO hacks claim to be so proud of their product in theory, yet in practice are obviously really so embarrassed by it and ashamed of it that they don’t want people to know when it’s there. Imagine if what you considered your great affirmative endeavor were so slimy that you had to skulk around in disguise like a pervert in a raincoat slinking into a porn theater.
That’s why GMO advocacy attracts such a low quality of proponent. It’s an intrinsically loathsome product, so only loathsome people would ever associate themselves with it. This latest incident is typical.
This also is further proof that nothing short of abolition will work. Do you really think humanity can “coexist” with such hateful, rabid totalitarian fanatics?



  1. What a great article! Thank you for writing it! We need to stop this horrible genicide!
    Galina Richards

    Comment by Galina Richards — January 6, 2016 @ 5:30 pm

    • Thanks Galina!

      Comment by Russ — January 7, 2016 @ 5:32 am

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