May 9, 2014

GMO News Summary May 9th, 2014


*A new review surveys the evidence linking the surge of glyphosate use in recent decades with the surge of cases on non-Hodgkins lymphoma over that same period.
*Harrowing accounts of Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Origin (CKDu) among agricultural workers. The epidemic is strongly linked to the herbicide Roundup.
*Those are just two of the many reasons glyphosate and its commercial formulations like Roundup should be banned.
But poisoner governments are trying to head in the opposite direction. Today the EU is contemplating raising the allowable level of glyphosate in Europe’s food and water. The recommendation has nothing to do with the health evidence, which strongly condemns it as an extreme toxin for humans, livestock, and the soil. Rather, such bureaucratic recommendations and regulations are set according to corporate needs. However much Roundup Monsanto wants to sell, however much industrial agriculture wants to spray, and therefore whatever the resultant concentration in human food, water, and bodies, that’s the concentration that bureaucracies like the EFSA and EPA will set. Then these bureaucracies lie on behalf of that level, saying they found it to be “safe”, when in fact they’ve never conducted any safety studies, and systematically ignore all the independent scientific evidence.
Food and Water Watch is running a petition against the EFSA’s position.
*There’s nothing new about this latest nomination of corporate food lobbyists to the managing board of the EU’s European Food Safety Agency. While all such government bureaucracies are designed to serve corporate interests, the EFSA is especially brazen where it comes to its revolving door character.
*As more information is forced out on the UK government’s pro-Monsanto media blitz, we get more details on how the corporate media functions as a de facto Propaganda Ministry. Memos demonstrate how the government complied a list of corporate-friendly media cadres, to whom information and talking points on upcoming government initiatives would be sent. They similarly compiled a blacklist of journalists who had questioned the corporate claims.
The memos also describe how government employees were deputized to engage in pro-GMO propaganda work, and how the government asked corporate marketers to advise on this publicly funded propaganda.
*France has confirmed its ban on cultivation of MON810 Bt corn. The senate voted for the ban, while country’s high court rejected an appeal from the country’s industrial corn trade group.
Under current EU federalism, the EU can approve a GMO product for cultivation, but member states can opt out by passing national bans. MON810 is currently the only GMO approved for cultivation in Europe. Ten member states have de jure or de facto bans in place, while Spain is the only country where it’s widely grown.



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