May 2, 2014

GMO News Summary May 2nd, 2014


*Congratulations to Vermont for becoming the first state in the country to pass a law requiring labeling of GMOs in our food, without any political stipulations about when it goes into effect. While Connecticut and Maine have also passed labeling laws, these won’t go into effect until several other states also enact such policies. Maine’s specifically requires that New Hampshire adopt the same policy, which its legislature recently refused to do. (Maine’s government has also expressed hostility to its own law.)
This is the latest example of Vermont’s pioneer spirit, where it comes to policy which makes sense morally and practically. Vermont was the first state in the union to abolish slavery, and more recently it was the first to ban fracking.
*The FDA is weakening its already threadbare process for regulation of genetically engineered animals by disbanding its Veterinary Medicine Advisory Committee, a group of outside academics supposed to provide peer review of FDA regulatory procedures, and which has provided adverse commentary on the looming approval of GM salmon, which the FDA badly wants to approve. So far it’s been scared of the potential political repercussions, in part because its advisory committee has been so unsupportive.
Obviously the FDA is disbanding the committee because this committee has not shown sufficient coordination on behalf of the corporate imperative.
Pressed for an answer by public interest groups and a member of Congress, the FDA has lied, claiming that maintaining the group is too costly. But records obtained by Food and Water Watch through FOI requests confirm that the FDA spent $0 on the group in 2013, so it’s certainly not breaking the budget.
But of course we already knew that the claim about cost was a lie, since government invariably lies whenever it claims it can’t afford a program which might actually help people. The proof of this is that it always believes it has infinite money for corporate welfare, corporate bailouts, weapons and war, the police state, prisons, and the rest of the worthless, predatory, obscenely expensive corporate state. In the FDA’s case there’s no budgetary problem for paramilitary-style assaults on small farmers and co-ops and for the plan to “regulate” produce on behalf of Big Ag’s imperatives. This is the goal and purpose of the Food Control Act, aka the “Food Safety Modernization Act”, as Orwell named it. (I should note here that FWW, along with almost all the NGOs who are intermittently good on GMOs and some other aspects of corporate agriculture, supports the Food Control Act and the increase of FDA power which will be used to attempt to suppress the Community Food sector. That’s an example of the typical schizophrenia among system NGOs, and why we can benefit from their reportage but must never trust their political prescriptions. Perhaps someone can explain to me how the same FDA which is gutting this committee and which has always been so gung ho for GMOs is a good bet for having control over who’s allowed to produce and distribute vegetables. Policy like the FSMA is obviously a weapon for economic warfare and repression, not public interest regulation as described by those who hold delusions of “good government”.) Nor will there be a budgetary issue with enforcement of the preemptive GMO anti-labeling policy being pushed in Congress by the cartel’s Grocery Manufacturers Association, if this bill is ever passed.
It’s always true that government can always spend as much as it wants on the public interest. It simply does not want to spend on this, but only for the corporate interest, and only against the public. So it is with the FDA.
*I’ve often written about the perfidy of the industrial organic sector and the ongoing plan of the USDA to erode organic standards. Members of the Organic Consumers Association and other citizen groups have been protesting a significant erosion of the National Organic Standards pushed through in secret and behind closed doors last autumn. Previously, dubious ingredients allowed on the “organic” list would automatically be retired after five years unless a 2/3 majority of the organic standards board voted to maintain them on the list. The new policy reverses this; they’ll automatically be kept on the list unless voted off.
Since the NOS board is stacked with corporate cadres, any such vote is unlikely. So not only will such toxic ingredients as carrageenan, factory farm sausage casings, synthetic vitamins, and DHA still be allowed to be included under the “certified organic” rubric, but it’ll become easier to add such things to the list and keep them there. This is the general plan of the industrial organic sector’s Organic Trade Association, which is a corporatist outfit just like any other Big Ag trade group. I’ve written before about how industrial organic shares with the USDA the nightmare of eventually allowing GMOs under the “organic” certification.
Once again we have confirmation that the organic certification is a stopgap at best, and is no kind of sufficient substitute for restoring our naturally local/regional agricultural and food economies on the basis of agroecology and food sovereignty.
*An Italian court has upheld the country’s ban on cultivation of MON810. The decision upholds the precautionary principle as a key element of rational, science-based public interest policy. Italy is one of ten European countries which have banned this, the only GMO approved for cultivation in the EU. The product is widely grown only in Spain.
*The Scottish government is claiming to be surprised and upset that British Environment Minster Owen Paterson failed to represent Scotland properly at a recent EC meeting on the future of GMO policy in Europe. Scotland is GM free and its government claims to want to continue this policy. The UK government, by contrast, acts as the poodle of the US on this even though no British corporations are GMO leaders. The Big 6 of the cartel are from the US and continental Europe.
I find it hard to believe anyone in Scotland could be so foolish as to be surprised by this. Paterson has made it crystal clear that he’s a liar with zero scruples or integrity, and that under any circumstance he’ll act as a flunkey of the US government and the GMO cartel. So why is the Scottish minister pretending to be surprised? It has to be what he expected. Who lets someone represent them at a meeting when they know for a fact they can’t trust that person?
People of Scotland beware. Your government’s hardly looking like a vigorous, enthusiastic representative of your interests on this.
*Recently the problem of Roundup’s harmful health effects on livestock has been getting significant mainstream attention in Denmark.
*The Benton County Community Rights Coalition announces that it has been cleared to begin collecting signatures toward putting a Local Food Sovereignty initiative on the November 2014 ballot.
The bill is designed to protect community rights and autonomy by forestalling corporate assaults on those rights. It would ban GMO cultivation and the enforcement of seed patents, toward the goal of rejuvenating the county’s local food production and distribution. In this way it will help rebuild the local/regional economy of food and the broader economy, while politically it will help repulse invasive corporate tyranny and restore community self-determination.




  1. Excellent Russ! I can’t keep track of everything worldwide. I REALLY appreciate you staying on top of it all. And thanks for the recognition of our work here in Benton County Oregon. We are kicking off our signature gathering as we speak. There is no question that we will gather enough signatures to qualify our Local Food System Ordinance for the ballot in November 2014. The next challenge will be if the powers that be will actually allow the people to vote on the measure once approved.

    As you know, we don’t live in a democracy of, by, and for the people. It will be interesting to find out if TPTB allow their mask to slip so far for all to see that the emperor has no clothes when they deny the people to vote on a law to protect their own health, safety, and welfare from the corporate predators. They blocked the peoples’ vote in Bellingham and Spokane WA. We will see how Oregon responds to this democratic citizens’ threat by the people in the places where they live to actually govern in accordance with the Oregon constitution.

    Comment by Dana Allen — May 5, 2014 @ 3:08 am

    • Thanks Dana. And thanks for everything you and your fellow fighters are doing in Oregon. In addition to their substantive merits, the community sovereignty fights are classical expressions of participatory democracy as such. That’s why they’re so difficult for so many people to understand, those who have to come to think democracy means voting in fraudulent “elections”, according to schedules set up by our “betters” and choosing from “choices” it pleases them to hand down to us. That’s not democracy at all, but a fraudulent mockery of it. Votism is the passive consumerist version of democracy.

      That’s also why this movement is so infuriating and frightening to the elites. It’s actually offering the people a more democratic alternative to the neoliberal corporatist sham.

      Comment by Russ — May 6, 2014 @ 5:43 am

  2. Russ, if you’re interested I just posted a short vid on youtube, a song in one of the ancient musical keys I mentioned in a previous post. it’s a shamanic type of sound, meant to be replayed. Painted a scene on recycled cardboard to go with it. It’s using notes from the original ancient white keys scale for piano, if you want to hear them.

    Well this relates to the broader theme of your blog, the multifaceted global assault we all face. Music has been homogenized into a “modern” tuning that is blurry, out of synch with Nature. If interested, check youtube in a couple months for more videos, as I get better with this digital piano and fretless baritone guitar I’ve rigged, to play ancient music. I’ve recovered not only the original 12 tone tuning, but also the double harpsichord/organ tuning, which used to be 24 different notes, very cool music can be played with this, … I’ve also recovered the tuning for ancient 19 tone harpsichords, which have double black keys (this explains why “sharps” and “flats” can apply to the same note today- in the past that designation was for two different notes)

    Hope I’m not too off topic here, anyway if people want to return to playing music in tune, and with much greater variety than found today with establishment tuning, well they can, the potential for helping our minds and health is huge.

    On a different note, I harvested that Globe wheat last week, didn’t get a ton of seeds for replanting, but enough to keep things moving along. Also, four other varieties are also growing now (of the ten or so I planted last fall). So I guess wheat grows better in Florida than I had thought.

    Comment by Tom M Culhane — May 7, 2014 @ 10:46 am

    • Thanks for the link Tom. I’m not a musician myself, but I understand what you’re saying.

      Glad to hear the wheat’s doing better than it looked at first. How much of a harvest did you get, and what did you do with it besides saving some seeds? Did you concern yourself with isolation, or are you counting on the wheat to not cross at all? My understanding is there’s not much problem with crossing as long as they’re not right next to one another.

      What types are they again? Are they separate Triticum species? I don’t know which species Globe wheat is.

      Comment by Russ — May 8, 2014 @ 7:54 am

      • Kusa Seed Society only sells little packets of about 50 seeds for each variety of wheat, so I only had planted these little amounts of 10 different varieties last Fall, from their Embassy and also Awnless wheat bundles. so “harvest” isn’t really the right word, but I was looking for what would grow to then replant the seeds….

        Kusa says you can plant the plots like six feet apart without any problem with crossing. I believe the species names are all on that Kusa website. I don’t know if I will be getting enough new seeds each harvest to make this worth it, because unlike corn which gives you tons of seed from one plant, this wheat has been pretty meager, but the next generation next Spring might be better since I now will be using seeds from plants that have already shown they grow on my land.

        Re the music, what I am saying about music is considered heresy by music professors and piano tuners I have talked to… they think they know the history of musical tunings back to ancient Greece, but are in denial about the fact that their sources dry up once you get to the Middle Ages. Music was deliberately taken from us. Piano tuners told me I would only have “one or two playable keys” the way I am tuning things, the other 10 would sound horrible. They are completely wrong.

        Comment by Tom M Culhane — May 8, 2014 @ 10:30 am

      • That’s what I read too. Basically, as long as the stalks don’t physically touch one another, there’s little danger of crossing. I agree that the seeds you now have may be better suited to your land than the initial batch, since you’ve gone through a selection cycle.

        What are you saying happened to the music – it was homogenized to make things easier for composers, performers, mechanics, etc.? I’m not sure what the power/profit angle would be, but I suppose people often prefer to file down and blunt diversity and complexity.

        Comment by Russ — May 10, 2014 @ 7:56 am

  3. Why was music tampered with? Because, if you sing at a guitar, the same note one of its strings is tuned to, you will then hear it singing as if you had plucked that string, even though you never physically touched it. It picked up the waves your mouth sent out. But if you sing out of tune, it doesn’t work.

    If you push someone that is swinging on a swing, in synch with the swinging, say every swing or every other swing, or every third swing, you add energy to that vibrating system. But if you push in an off kilter way, like “modern tuning”, say every 1.03521… swings, you don’t get the same effect.

    There’s an excellent little book by a scientist/inventor, Stalking the Wild Pendulum, that explains harmonics/sound/music in easy to understand ways. There’s also a very interesting video on youtube where they put grains of salt on a vibrating plate and play different musical notes, and you see all these different geometric patterns emerge when you change the notes…

    Our bodies and the rest of the World of Form are structured based on music/harmonics. For example, as shown in Stalking the Wild Pendulum, the atoms in crystals arrange themselves in geometric patterns, based on meter and measure.

    When you get the gist of what I’m saying, you will see why the establishment deliberately made the musical tunings blurry. The ancient tunings were based on precise harmonics, based on simple numbers, and created various musical keys, each with their own flavor/effect, in synch with the harmonic laws of the Universe. I believe the Ancients would have believed these keys bring great benefits for our minds and health, and I happen to agree. For anyone with the patience, I have posted a series of videos on my youtube account laying out my findings on this.

    Since the real tunings are based on simple math, the obvious question is, how have they remained lost, and why would billions of people fall for this “modern” “equal temperament” tuning (and other watered down forms of it)? When you understand the answer, that is the day you start walking out of Plantation Earth. It’s the same answer as to why 7 billion people at the moment believe the insane idea that their own species is obscene.

    The establishment has effective ways to tamper with our minds. Understanding how they do this and why, is the key to freeing ourselves from this brutal global slave prison that we live in. Since their methods are indeed effective, most laugh when I say what I just said here. But there you have it, the Truth.

    Comment by Tom M Culhane — May 10, 2014 @ 10:40 am

    • Interesting, thanks Tom.

      Comment by Russ — May 10, 2014 @ 12:36 pm

    • Russ, thought I’d give a few more examples of ancient systems where the timings have been deliberately thrown off.

      Have you ever wondered why the “New Year” starts on January 1? Is that an intelligent time to start a new cycle, in the dead of winter? If you do some digging you’ll find evidence for ancient “New years” starting on the Spring Equinox, around March 22.

      When night and day balance out, and a new beginning starts. Makes a lot more sense to me, to start the New Year on this first day of Spring.

      If you look at the names of the months, you see that September actually relates to the number seven, October to the number 8, November to 9 and December to 10. So if you are using a 12 month cycle, that would make January the 11th month, and February the 12th. This would make March the name of the first month. If we fix the days to line up, March 22 would actually have been called March 1 and would have been New Year’s day.

      So why did they throw off the calendar? See my previous post to get the idea. Evidence from the study of hypnosis reveals that the human mind has a very precise internal clock. For example, if someone is given the post hypnotic suggestion under hypnosis that they will have an irresistible urge to scratch their nose in 4444 seconds, typically they will end up scratching their nose right on time, and without being aware of it.

      Btw I don’t advocate using hypnosis, other than to demonstrate how the human mind can be tampered with. Throwing our clocks out of synch with the Universal cycles fits with the establishment’s desire to keep us weakened and out of kilter.

      “Daylight savings time” fits with this program, where mid day really isn’t the middle of the day, and mid night isn’t mid night.

      How about the days of the week? Sunday, day of the Sun, is called the day of rest, where I grew up. Does this fit with common sense, is sunrise the time to rest? Looking at other languages, we see that Saturday is called Sabado in Portuguese and Spanish, and don’t Jewish people still consider Saturday to be the day of rest, the Sabbath?

      Looks like someone’s been monkeywrenching ancient patterns, huh?

      Next time you are near a piano, take a look and you’ll see the keyboard layout has been monkeyed with. All along the keyboard are nice looking groupings of two and three black keys, but at the left end sits a lone black key. It looks terrible, and it’s obvious to me no artist, craftsman or musician would ever have designed a musical instrument like this, Keys have been chopped off from the left end. It was done to hide the ancient tuning, which becomes pretty obvious when you put the missing keys back. I can give you more details here, but most people aren’t interested in these things, but anyway I do cover this in those youtube videos I posted. So I’ll leave it there.

      Russ your recent articles have been great, you are a gifted writer my man. Hope I’m not distracting your blog with my research findings…

      Comment by Tom M Culhane — May 22, 2014 @ 7:14 pm

      • You’re welcome to post your findings, Tom. I’m not a musician myself and so don’t have a view of it. But I’ll remember to look at the left end of the piano next time I see one, which I often do.

        Comment by Russ — May 23, 2014 @ 8:08 am

      • Ok Russ, once you’ve looked at a piano and satisfied yourself it’s been altered, fixing things is not much harder than fixing the year cycle, which as I mentioned above has obviously also been altered. “God will work with you but not for you.” The pieces can be put back together.

        This always comes back to the subject of hypnosis, how the human mind can be manipulated to create a herd of people that live in a fogbank… Not having any musical “training” is actually to your advantage here. Music/harmonics is based on simple whole numbers and it goes from there. Like I say I’ve posted videos if anyone wants to put their music back in tune, but here’s a bit more for your blog:

        The odd looking left end of the “modern” piano begins with the first white key being called “A”, and so the white key names go from there, A B C D …This is logical in the sense that our alphabet begins in this fashion. But as I say they have removed keys.

        Go online and look up “Frederick collection” “1877” “Paris”, and you will see pictures of this beautiful piano from 1877, and it has two extra keys at the left end, making a total of 90 keys for the keyboard instead of the “modern” 88 key pattern.

        You’ll notice this layout looks beautiful. Now I submit someone in 1877 new how to make a proper keyboard. What else they knew I don’t know. Now here’s a simple question for you; Do the following numbers have any meaning to you:

        27.50 30.87 32.70 36.71 41.20 …?

        Probably doesn’t mean much to you, right. Those are the tunings in hertz for the white keys on the modern piano, in equal temperament tuning, starting with that first note at the left end, which they call “A”.

        Now if we put back the two missing keys, to make it like the 1877 90 key piano, then the beginning white keys would be tuned, again using “modern equal temperament tuning”, to:

        24.50 27.50 30.87 32.70 36.71 41.20 …

        Do those numbers look meaningful to you now? Not yet? Ok, if you look up the seven pure musical notes, as calculated by Galileo, and you put them all to the smallest whole numbers, you get:

        24 27 30 32 36 40 45

        If you are following what I am saying, what they have done is taken two keys off the left end of the piano, one white and one black, and moved the note names over one,. So if you put the keys back in, then the very first note on the piano should be called “A” (it would now be called “G”), and the white keys should be tuned following these pure numbers, in cycles per second, so : 24 27 30 32 36 40 would be the first six white keys.

        So by the establishment having taken out the beginning keys of the sequence, it makes it easier for them to fake the tuning with the rest of the keys. This leads into a number of other things, which I cover in may videos. But I hope you get the basic idea. So to tune a modern piano properly, you don’t need to buy new strings, you just need to alter the equal temperament camouflage tuning to bring it back to the original tuning that was in harmony with the Universe.

        Comment by Tom M Culhane — May 23, 2014 @ 4:11 pm

      • I’ll pass that along to my pianist friend and see what she says.

        Comment by Russ — May 23, 2014 @ 6:06 pm

      • Ok I’ll add one last piece here. (but there are more pieces, in my videos, such as, how the number 24 ties in with the ancient device The Clock and the musical note the Earth is making spinning once every 24 hours > ie music used to be attuned to the Earth’s spin so the Earth’s energy feeds the music…)

        Ok so I’m claiming the piano design was altered (btw this keyboard design predates pianos, going back to harpsichords, etc.) to disguise things so you don’t see the natural tuning that was intended for it, and it’s been replaced with “modern” blurry tuning.

        If you follow what I said, that the piano should start the white keys with the 24 note, and then go from there, you will see that if you play “doe ray me fa so la ti” in this fashion, starting at 24, the final note will not be on a white key, you will need to play a black key. In other words the modern piano white keys are oriented so that “C” is the note that begins a “doe ray me fa so la ti” where they all fall on the white keys.

        So why is the piano oriented around the C note, not the G note? (remember G is the name they would use for the first white key if you put the missing keys back, the 24 note)

        The answer further supports what I am saying. There were two basic types of keyboards in antiquity, one uses single black keys, the modern piano is of this pattern, the other type of keyboard uses double black keys. This double black key type of keyboard has been pretty much written out of history, but you can find images of them, at least their later variations, online: (there’s a picture of one on this page: http://www.denzilwraight.com/roman.htm )

        Having double black keys explains the modern notation of “flats” and “sharps” being applied to the same key (for example you can call an “A sharp” a “B flat” also. This confusing terminology is a carryover from when there were keyboards where a sharp and a flat were two different notes)

        The original tuning for ancient keyboards was based on the pure musical notes I have mentioned : 24 27 30 32 36 40 45.

        The white keys for the double black key types of keyboards would have been tuned to these 7 numbers, this is the perfect key for double black keys, because Doe ray me, at 24 27 30, leaves 2 whole numbers between each note, and so the black keys can be tuned with these whole numbers,… and so this anchors the rest of the tuning. (in other words the first double black key after Doe would be tuned one to 25 hertz and one to 26…)

        It’s a real simple idea if you are following along. Music is built out of whole numbers as the foundation, and there are mathematical reasons for this (but this has mostly been lost today with “modern tuning” > recall the bizarre tuning numbers I posted earlier here for how they tune the piano today)

        Ok so for the double black key keyboard, Galileo’s 7 pure tones are ideal for the white keys, and then you would tune the other keys based off this.

        But tuning a single black key keyboard (such as the modern piano), you would want a tuning that fits with single black keys between the white keys, and it just so happens that the next three notes of Galileo’s 7 are perfect for this: 32 36 40. They have the same perfect 8 9 10 proportion as the first three notes of Galileo’s 7: 24 27 30.

        32 36 40 reduce to the proportions 16 18 20, and so black keys can be tuned in between these notes, to 17 and 19 (set to appropriate octave).

        It’s a really simple idea if you are following. To summarize, the perfect note to tune the white keys on a double black key harpsichord would be 24, so doe ray me would be 24 27 30…

        and the perfect note to tune the white keys to on a single black key keyboard would be 32, so doe ray me would begin 32 36 40 …, and this produces a different key of music than then you begin at 24 (although 6 of the 7 notes are the same)

        The fact that modern single black key pianos are oriented around the note C (the note closest to 32 hertz) fits like a glove with what I am saying here, if you are following this.

        There were two great families of music in Antiquity, one single black key, one double. This is not taught in school, but it is what I have concluded. That 1877 piano I mentioned in Paris, not only does the 90 key layout look beautiful, but within it it is giving us a lot of information about the ancient tunings. It begins with the 24 note, but then shifts over to orienting octaves around the 32 note, because it is a single black key instrument, not a double black key instrument.

        Btw these ancient whole number (“just intonation”) tunings I have talked about here can be done by ear, once you have a reference pitch, because there are simple ways to perceive if notes are in tune, in this fashion, but with “equal temperament tuning”, it takes piano tuners a long time to learn how to tune in that fashion because it’s an out of tune sound, and let me add an out of tune sound that has no counterpart in Reality. Equal temperament is yet another hoax.

        And yes you will flunk out of your music classes if you say what I just said.

        Comment by Tom M Culhane — May 24, 2014 @ 10:49 am

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