January 21, 2014

Speak Truth to Power: Publicly Comment Against Agent Orange GMOs


As promised, here’s the USDA form to post a public comment on the impending commercialization of Dow’s Agent Orange corn and soy.
If you want to use a pre-written, one-click comment form, this one at Food and Water Watch is good. You can modify their text however you want. The deadline is March 11.
The point of commenting isn’t because we expect to stop the USDA, although so far the unprecedented public outrage over these GMOs has caused it to move much more slowly than it originally intended. (Dow expected to have these approved in 2012.) The point is to join with thousands, perhaps millions, in raising our voices in favor of democracy and freedom, making it impossible for the system to keep telling the lie that the people accept the poisoner assault.
For my comment I just adapted part of my prior post on this.
These are the same highly toxic and environmentally reckless herbicides which cartel and government propaganda originally promised would be rendered obsolete by glyphosate-resistant GMOs.
What happened instead? Every knowledgeable and honest commenter predicted it from the start: The massive deployment of glyphosate-tolerant crops resulted in a tremendous increase in glyphosate use. Like clockwork, this unrelenting, unabated slathering of one poison encouraged the target weeds themselves to become resistant to glyphosate. Today glyphosate-resistant superweeds are a major, chronic, spreading problem, unsolvable by the industrial agriculture methods which created it. The Roundup regime is in ruins. Industrial growers must spray ever greater amounts of glyphosate to attain continually diminishing results.
Now we’ve come full circle. 2,4-D and dicamba, originally relegated by GMO propaganda to history’s garbage heap, are now touted as the solution to the artificial problem of glyphosate’s collapse.
What will the specific results be? 2,4-D is an endocrine disruptor and causes birth defects and cancer, as well as being linked to Parkinson’s disease and other health detriments. It’s more volatile than glyphosate and causes far more problems with drift, trespass, and the destruction of other farmers’ crops. This is why the Agent Orange GMOs originally generated an unusual coalition of industrial opponents, including many specialty crop farmers and processors. 
The USDA itself expects 2,4-D use will increase two- to sixfold. Other more independent assessments predict it’ll go up as much as fiftyfold. The only thing it will do is escalate the chemical/bioweapons arms race which, as we knew from day one, the weeds will inevitably win. They’ve already routed glyphosate. Meanwhile there are already many documented instances of weeds resistant to 2,4-D.
All this proves the fundamental lie at the core of the whole GMO regime. Herbicide tolerant GMOs as a genre already comprise a proven failure from any reality-based point of view.



  1. Russ,

    As I’ve said before, I think you’re incredibly well-informed about the whole topic of GM foods. I’ve also said that I’m with you on the dangers of GM food safety, in your outrage at the bald powerplays conducted by the GM industry, and over the impotence (willful or otherwise) of the regulatory agencies. I’m subscribed to your blog (rss-wise) and always read your posts.

    But abolish? What exactly does that mean? Outlaw an area of private and public research and development? Remove and destroy the vast research documentation? If you’re going to be taken seriously, I think you will have to be more specific about what you’re actually proposing.

    And abolish all GMOs? Are you against basic research into genetics? Against the development and use of genetically-tailored drugs?

    And what about the myriad of different ways in which the genetic behavior of organizations is altered, without using the recombinant DNA or RNA interference techniques? What about such techniques that are currently are acceptable for organic foods?

    And you label the corporations to be “evil.” Is that reasonable? For-profit corporations exist for one purpose – to generate profit. Is that, in your view, intrinsically “evil?” Are you seeking to abolish all for-profit (and maybe non-profit) corporations? (And if so, please be a bit more specific.)

    You see, in your fervor to take dangerous foods off the market (an objective I strongly support), it seems to me that you’re actually attacking a set of interrelated symptoms, while neglecting the central core of the problem – the practice that generates all the problems in the first place.

    And that practice is the willingness of our politicians to be influenced by those with money (including some but not all corporations, and wealthy, non-corporate persons).

    No matter what you do to tackle the symptoms, you won’t succeed unless you first address the core problem.

    The bad news is that making progress on this core problem so ain’t easy. The good news is that you potentially have lots of company. Virtually every other public interest group (say, global warming, globalization, inequality, gun violence, mental illness, etc.) faces precisely the same problem. They can do all the analyses they want, and engage in all sorts of demonstrations and sign numerous petitions. But ultimately, they need to influence legislation, and when they finally get to that matter, they hit a brick wall.

    I’ll be happy to work with you to try to come up with a way to make some movement on this fundamental challenge in the GM food area, if you want.


    Comment by brandediron — January 22, 2014 @ 5:27 pm

    • Terry,

      As you acknowledge, corporations are single-minded in the pursuit of profit and control. That makes them veritably psychopathic. They are totalitarian. I can’t imagine what would better qualify as evil.

      And these particular corporations are intentionally, systematically poisoning our soil, water, environment, crops, and bodies. They’re also trying to set up humanity for mass famine when their precariously narrow agricultural germplasm inevitably succumbs to some pest, disease, or climatic challenge. I guess it would be hard for me to comprehend anyone for whom these aren’t the ultimate evil.

      Abolish means just what it sounds like. Exactly the same as with slavery. Wipe it from the face of the earth. Do unto it exactly what it seeks to do unto our seeds and agriculture. I’m afraid your solicitude for those researchers is misguided. As I said, they’re totalitarians. They launched a war of aggression and conquest. And they will win, unless they are met and defeated in their own spirit.

      Abolition is simple. Abolish all intellectual property in seeds, all patenting of life, abolish all corporate welfare in agriculture and food, rout corporatism itself from agriculture and food. Whatever can still function in a true, natural market, without being part of a planned economy, meeting real demand rather than forcing supply of an unwanted product upon the people, shall do so. Whatever can’t exist without such tyrannical command economy measures is something humanity does not need and shall do much better without.

      And yes, as I’ve written for years, I want to abolish the unconstitutional Fourth Branch, abolish the corporate form as such, in the most de jure sense.


      I don’t know who you think “your” politicians are. The only ones I’ve ever seen are the corporations’ politicians. While the anti-GMO movement should take advantage of any actual (not fake) opportunity which comes along, it’s clear that humanity won’t win through by influencing legislation. The primary action of any authentic pro-human, anti-corporate movement will be outside the system.

      Thanks for the offer to help. I’d be glad to work with anyone who wants to fight this scourge.

      Comment by Russ — January 22, 2014 @ 5:48 pm

      • Russ,

        I was trying to help you to be more effective.

        But your mind is obviously made up and clamped shut to any option other than satisfying your righteous rage.

        You didn’t even try to answer my questions about how you propose to do these things – I suspect that’s because you’ve not thought it through that far.

        I’m very tired of lazy proposals (not just yours) to fix the problems we all (not just you) see by taking action “outside the system.” That’s a lot easier than actually fixing the system itself – requires only sound-bite rhetoric rather than thought-through solutions.

        Good luck.


        Comment by brandediron — January 22, 2014 @ 7:39 pm

      • You said you’ve been reading these posts. If so, you’ve read many times what I propose should be done.

        For anyone who hasn’t, here’s just a few examples of where I’ve written about it.





        What could possibly be more lazy than assuming, flat earth fashion, that there’s no way out but to beg Our Betters for Better Legislation? Unless one wants to be part of the criminal system, then there’s only one real reason people don’t want to do the long, hard work of building a movement – it’s too hard, and they’re too lazy.

        It’s clear that you, like almost everyone else, demands instant gratification, and when someone doesn’t pander to such a vain desire, you simply find what they’re saying incomprehensible.

        Also, I’m sorry, but I missed what other option you were offering.

        But then, you do say you want to “fix the system”. Since the system is founded on organized crime and subsists solely on crime, I don’t see how it can be fixed to become something fundamentally different from what it is. But then, you know that, which is why your so-called “thought-through solution” consists of nothing but going through the same phony motions which have been proven to fail a thousand times. Because you actually accept the crimes of the system.

        Meanwhile, anyone who recognizes the practical and moral necessity of transcending the system is incomprehensible to you, which is why you turn truth upside down, calling the recognition of necessity “satisfaction of righteous rage” and your own disinclination to recognize necessity a “thought-through solution”.

        The original abolitionists had to go through all this as well. They too endured lectures about their “righteous rage” and lack of a “thought-through solution”. I take solace from their company, and from yours.

        Comment by Russ — January 23, 2014 @ 3:06 am

      • There’s no big mystery about what to do. The actions are available. Get our minds straight, reject the legitimacy of corporations and their prerogatives, follow something like the CELDF strategy to engage in politics at the community level to build anti-corporate landbases and centers of resistance, carry out campaigns to pressure retailers and manufacturers, build and defend the Community Food economic sector and political movement, systematically grow and distribute heirloom seeds, do things like personally purge GMOs from one’s diet and proselytize on a personal level, build a network of public speakers on all these things, get the ideas into the public consciousness, build the firm, rock-solid, incorruptible movement consciousness, in all these ways steadily undermine and subvert and help to hasten the collapse of what is, after all, for all its seeming might, a tottering structure.

        Why else do you think the proponents of GMOs are so hysterical about such a seemingly pathetic little opposition?

        All these actions are available today if the will exists to do them. And to whatever extent the will does not yet exist, the first task is the ideological and educational campaign to build this will among a critical mass of committed people. That’s why I’m doing my publicity and analysis work, and that’s why I call this the first task.

        Comment by Russ — January 23, 2014 @ 4:30 am

    • “And abolish all GMOs? Are you against basic research into genetics? Against the development and use of genetically-tailored drugs?”

      Terry, if you understood how your “system” really works, yes you would be against these things. It’s not that technology is inherently evil, but the system that controls this technology on this planet is, and by joining it, you further it’s deranged program.

      Close the establishment textbooks, turn off the tv, turn on your mind, and check out the real world evidence. With all the new technology that has come out, have people’s live improved? You are being lied ot. If you look at real world evidence, such as “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”, by Weston Price, you will see this. Price was a dentist that traveled the world in the 1930s, and documented the superb health of people around the world (with pictures), the people most removed from your “system”. Without the benefit of your “genetically tailored drugs”and “basic research into genetics”, these people were not only free of tooth decay and crooked teeth, they had excellent health all other ways too, in general (and were much longer lived than “modern” people).

      Your time would be much better spent, pulling out of the establishment technological development program, and put into real world research, such as, learning about the ancient medicines in plant and animal form that have already been provided, that the establishment labels “folklore”, “quackery”, and “superstition”.

      We don’t need your oil rigs filling the oceans and whales’ bodies with filth, we don’t need your nuclear pwer hazards, or your cluster bombs, or biological weapons, or surveilance technology… pull out of that evil system, and find your true place in this Universe. Reality is very different than you’ve been programmed to think. As you continue to investigate Native cultures and real world evidence, this will be revealed to you. We don’t need you people monkeying around with genetics like you are. It’s not your job, you don’t have the wisdom for it.

      Again,it’s not a tchnololgy vs no technology issue, it’s that the sceintific establishment, like the media cartel, the current governments, major corporations, etc., are controlled. There are some limited ways in which people might put their energy into developing technology in a helpful way (musical instruments comes to mind), but in general it is self defeating in current circumstances. “Primitive” people, portrayed in establishment textbooks as superstitiious, backwards, etc. actually are the most intelligent of the humans I have encountered in this life. They have the wisdom to not put their energy into furthering the global program that is imprisoning us all, but rather, put their energy into developing their “in house technology”, to access our real abilities within us. This is the true way out of this mess, but in the meantime, I do at times use establishment tools, such as this computer, as it makes sense to use them.

      Comment by Tom M Culhane — January 23, 2014 @ 11:11 am

      • Your utter confidence that you fully understand my views is pretty amazing – but from how you’ve characterized me, it couldn’t be more wrong.

        Amazingly, you seem to go even farther than Russ, in rejecting so much of modern life. Both of you seem to think that your righteous anger makes for pure and wise thinking. Of course, you have no apparent interest in views other than those you hold so dearly.

        IMHO, the reason we have so many problems (global warming, GMOs, etc.) is not just that the wealthy interests have taken over our politicians. It’s because folks like the two of you, start with a good cause and some thoughtful reflection, and then proceed to go off the deep end.

        Maybe you’re effective in influencing someone else – but I kind of doubt that’s possible. What you are doing, however, is discrediting the work that people are doing to try to actually fix the system (rather than feeling good).

        Anyway, this discussion has become circular, so I see no point in continuing it. As I said to Russ, good luck.

        Comment by brandediron — January 23, 2014 @ 11:39 am

      • “IMHO, the reason we have so many problems (global warming, GMOs, etc.) is not just that the wealthy interests have taken over our politicians….” …” the work that people are doing to try to actually fix the system …”

        Terry, your “system” got its land by mass murder. They didn’t leave the Native peoples with one square inch of their homelands. Your own constitution says treaties, along with your constitution, are the supreme law of the land, yet you broke them in the humdreds. Your system funds itself by extortion (“taxes”) from people that never consented to fund such an evil thing or be part of it. It is people like you that are “off the deep end”, joining a club that is based on mass murder, fraud, extortion… and thinking you are somehow going to fix it.

        If you would actually read closely and reflect on what has been written, and check out the leads that have been given to you, your thinking might not remain “circular”. good luck

        Comment by Tom M Culhane — January 23, 2014 @ 5:04 pm

  2. At some point, you might start listening and analyzing instead of attacking and defending. If that happens, your relevance may climb. Till then, you’ll probably continue to wallow in your self-righteousness, making yourself feel good and accomplishing only a fraction of what you might otherwise achieve.

    Comment by brandediron — January 23, 2014 @ 9:52 am

    • I think you’re talking about yourself, who of course failed to respond to a single thing I said.

      Like I said, I take the upside-down mindset of good system types like you as a sign I’m on the right path, not just morally but in the most practical sense. We’ve seen more than enough of your kind of crackpot “pragmatism”, which simply means doing nothing because one doesn’t really want to change anything.

      Comment by Russ — January 23, 2014 @ 10:28 am

  3. Thanks NSA, er I mean Amused Onlooker

    Comment by Tom M Culhane — January 24, 2014 @ 10:49 am

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