January 2, 2014

A GM Free Year Upcoming in Britain

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According to GMFreeze, an excellent British research, publicity, and activist organization of the type we need in America, there will be no GMO field trials in the UK in 2014.
No GMOs are commercially cultivated in Britain, but in recent years there have been several field trials, of GM potatoes and most recently of wheat.
The press release repeats the same question citizens and farmers have been asking about the Rothamsted wheat trial since it was first announced two years ago: Since there’s zero demand or need for the product, why was the trial done at all? Especially given how it threatened to contaminate surrounding wheat crops. (I don’t know if anyone has tested for such contamination.)
They’re right that part of the point is simply to keep the conveyor belt of funding going. I’ll add what I said in my post on the direct action against the Wetteren field trial in Belgium – each high-profile trial, no matter how pointless in itself, is a propaganda exercise. It’s meant to continue to normalize the GMO ideology as such, and is also meant to continue to impress upon the people the sense of the alleged inevitability of GMO domination.
With field trials there’s usually the “positive” side of the propaganda – how great the product is, how it’s going to save the world, etc. But there’s always the negative side, meant to reinforce the sense that GMOs are omnipresent, unstoppable, and that there’s no alternative but to surrender to them. From that point of view, even if the potential trials are so pathetic that the positive propaganda would have a rough time, the system would want to keep up the negative propaganda pressure.
That’s the main reason today’s clear docket is encouraging. Given the money available, including vast amounts of corporate welfare, and the ardently pro-GM bias of the UK government, it should’ve been easy to keep the conveyor belt of trials going. Certainly, as the Rothamsted wheat trial proved, they don’t need a reason for the trial in order to get approval and public funding. The best explanation for why there’s no new trials set to go is that the GM product is so lousy, and they’re so out of ideas, that they couldn’t come up with something to trial which could meet even their own very low standards of practicality.
Whatever the reason, this is one good sign, and for one year there will be no field trials contaminating British crops and wild plants and wasting public money. It’s only a temporary respite, of course. But the harder the people fight, the harder it’ll be for the cartel and its flunkeys to keep the GMO assault going. We see from their inability to put on a show in the UK this year that, even where there’s no obstacle, they find it more and more difficult to accomplish anything. They’re not so tough. We can bring them down.



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