November 14, 2013

FDA Against Direct Retail Farms, Rules Under Food Control Act Being Finalized


Even as millions of Americans are learning about the critical need to rebuild our local food infrastructure, and as the community food sector continues its exponential growth, Big Ag and its adjunct FDA are trying to smother this movement by imposing inappropriate and strangling requirements on small direct retail farms.
This is being attempted through what I’ve long called the Food Control Act, although its official Orwellian name is the “Food Safety Modernization Act”. This name conveys the fraudulent “war on terror” character of this top-down propaganda and policy blitz, and how its goal is to further consolidate corporate control over agriculture and the food system. Although an amendment to this law was supposed to exempt small farms and force the FDA to put its focus where it belongs, on the big corporate producers who generate all significant food safety problems, the FDA is trying to evade this exemption.
Under Monsanto executive and FDA “food czar” Michael Taylor, the new rules about to be imposed by the FDA would impose crushing burdens on small farmers. These rules have nothing to do with rational food safety measures, but have only the goal of smashing an economic competitor to Big Ag, i.e. the truly unsafe food system. 
The deadline to comment on this is Friday, November 15th. Here’s links to information pages and comment forms which have been set up by the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) and the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA). Anyone who cares about the future of sustainable farming, healthy food, and democracy itself had better care about this.



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