November 13, 2013

There’s No Question About GMO Labeling


(Or I should say, the only question is the purely practical one: To what extent should we who oppose GMOs see state-level labeling campaigns as the most effective kind of action at the moment. But there’s also no question here over the long run: Labeling can never be sufficient, but at best only a temporary supplement to total abolitionism.)
I don’t see how it’s possible legitimately to oppose the labeling of food which may contain GMOs. It’s part of the basic minimum we deserve if we lived in a decent, rational, democratic society. This is a no-brainer. It’s self-evident. There’s no argument against it.
Even if it were true that there’s significant evidence that GMOs were safe (but there is no such evidence; on the contrary there’s significant and growing counter-evidence), and that therefore such labels would allegedly cause consumers to wrongly doubt the safety of GMOs and perhaps shun them, so what?
Such an “argument” would still be nothing but carrying water for a handful of corporations who sell a crappy product. GMOs don’t work, they yield less, they require increased use of industrial poisons, they generate resistant weeds and pests, they require greater irrigation, they further the degradation and erosion of the soil, they contaminate organic and non-GM conventional crops and the wild relatives of these crops, in every way they’re inferior to non-GM conventional crops, and in every way they represent a doubling down on all the pathologies of industrial agriculture. They’re a terrible product which socioeconomically harms many, harms the environment, and benefits no one on earth but a handful of corporate gangsters. Everyone else on earth would be better off if GMOs ceased to exist.
All that isn’t even counting the health risks to humans and livestock.
So even leaving the health dangers out of it, why would anyone want to discourage consumer rejection of GMOs. From ANY point of view other than that of Monsanto’s bottom line, this would be a good outcome. So from any point of view other than Monsanto’s it’s a no-brainer – there must be labeling.
The fact that so many groups, and so many individuals, have even the slightest doubt about this, let alone oppose labeling, is a testament to how far the GMO cartel’s direct power has ramified throughout our politics and economy, and to how far the intellectual and moral rot of this “civilization” has progressed.
When history marvels over the innumerable ways today’s Good Germans tolerated and supported corporatism’s infinite insanity and evil, these will be among the most profound enigmas: How humanity ever thought it made sense to put our very food in the hands of criminals who had a direct interest in making it scarce and fostering hunger; how anyone ever thought it made sense to base our agriculture on directly poisoning our own food and water; how anyone ever thought it made sense to let nihilistic technicians criminally use our food and agriculture as their plaything, in the process poisoning and contaminating all of agriculture and the wild environment, putting the very future of food itself in grave peril.
Amid these immensities, why anyone would ever have opposed even something so mild and self-evidently rational as labeling this dubious class of additives is a relatively minor question. But it’s typical of the insanity and depravity of the whole. 


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