October 21, 2013

Join the GMO Mini-Summit

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Sign up for the GMO Mini-Summit, a free online symposium running from October 25-27. It’ll include speakers and presenters covering the a wide range of GMO topics including the science of GMOs and their assaults on health, the environment, farming, the seed sector, and our broader politics. There’ll be presentations and resources focused on how to identify GMOs in our food, how to get them out, how to learn about and talk to others about this, and how to organize and fight.
All of this will likely be presented in reformist terms, but right now our main action as abolitionists is to work with and engage reformists within their own framework, while at all times working to propagate the facts that reformism is not sufficient, co-existence is impossible, and that total abolition is the necessary end goal. We need to use every kind of reform campaign to build permanent grassroots abolition and vigilance organizations. 



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