October 11, 2013

Join the March Against Monsanto


Tomorrow, October 12th, is the March Against Monsanto. It’s the next day of rage for the growing world movement against this worst of all corporate scourges. There will be thousands of actions around the world.
This day of rage, along with previous and future ones, is just a punctuation of the worldwide day-to-day resistance movement across the global South and Europe. If the event was thought up in the West, and is top-loaded with Anglo-American events, this is because the West hasn’t yet developed a permanent basis for a constant, relentless, disciplined struggle. But along with the labeling movement, the publicity and education deriving from this event will help generate a political will and recruit abolitionists who will then form the fighting organizations we need.
This day of democracy and affirmation coincides with a sordid event, corporate agriculture’s self-celebration at its “World Food Prize” gala. This is a propaganda event invented to coincide with the handing out of the Nobel Prizes and to capitalize on their cachet, if this still exists. The idea is for corporate ag – destructive, predatory, stagnant, decrepit, failing – to bestow upon itself that same Nobel nimbus. (It’s the same as the so-called “Nobel Prize for Economics”, invented in the 1970s with the intention of bestowing this kind of respectability upon Chicago school neoclassicist economics.) The corporate media happily plays along.
(Meanwhile the original Nobels also serve this corporate propaganda purpose. The most spectacular example was the awarding of the “peace prize” to the war criminal Obama. The purpose of this was to normalize the US’s permanent aggressive imperial warfare as the new baseline for “peace”.)
It’s no surprise or monstrosity that the world food prize is going to three GMO cadres, led by Monsanto’s Robert Fraley. This is why the prize was invented in the first place, to be given to such criminals. Fraley’s a typical Monsanto cadre.
He sums up the cartel’s totalitarian mindset: “What you are seeing is not just a consolidation of seed companies, it’s really a consolidation of the entire food chain.”
That’s what we’re up against. That’s why we fight.
There’s many reasons to fight to abolish Monsanto and GMOs. They’re agriculturally and environmentally totalitarian. They inevitably contaminate all other crops and the environment, and accelerate soil, water, air, and habitat destruction. They accelerate the same climate change which is cited as one of the reasons corporate ag must allegedly provide “new technology”. The more that GMOs are field tested and commercialized, i.e. the longer they exist at all, the worse this contamination shall become, and the more we’ll pass points-of-no-return where the contamination shall become significantly malign and irreversible.
They’re economically and politically totalitarian. The GMO cartel is increasing what’s already a non-competitive monopoly concentration in the seed sector. It aggressively uses this position to build horizontal and vertical monopoly power, enforce its dictates up and down the food production and distribution chains, drive non-GM seed varieties out of the market (and, more and more, out of existence), greatly jack up seed prices, force obscenely lopsided “contracts” upon farmers, persecute farmers with harassment, thuggery, and lawsuits, and get governments to enact repressive seed laws intended to escalate and accelerate this whole process.
That’s just one way in which the GMO cartel has seized control of governments around the world. While governments are naturally controlled by corporate power, the kind of control being exercised by the GMO corporations, and the unique threat to humanity and the Earth posed by such corporate control over agriculture and food, render this form of corporate control over government particularly nefarious. People can try to argue about the implication of corporate power where it comes to other sectors, but there can be no argument here – humanity must purge this clear and present danger to our freedom, our democracy, and our literal survival.
GMOs also present a clear and present danger to our health. All independent studies, and even almost all of the corporations’ own rigged studies, find reason for concern or alarm. The genetic engineering process itself, and the massive glyphosate residues in our food and water, wreck our microbiome (our internal gastrointestinal microbial community with which our bodies cooperate for mutual health), cause gastrointestinal inflammation which leads to every kind of disease, trigger escalations in allergies, asthma, autism, and every other kind of autoimmune disease, cause cancer, organ damage, infertility, miscarriages, and birth defects. These are just the best documented effects. Glyphosate-tolerant crops are also nutritionally denuded, and eating the processed foods made from them merely adds to the nutritional deficiency already inherent in diets centered on such “foods”, and the many diseases this can cause or exacerbate.
The most amazing thing is how all this is over such a pathetic, worthless product. GMOs are crap products which don’t work for any purpose which could actually help people. Their yield is poor, no improvement over non-GM conventional agriculture; they require far more pesticides than conventional ag; by helping weeds and insect pests build resistance to pesticides, they generate superweeds and superbugs against themselves, uncontrollable by the same poisons which were supposed to be the reasons for having these GMOs in the first place; the “special” GMOs – those for drought resistance, vitamin fortification, nitrogen-fixing, etc. – are all media hoaxes.
All these factors build the despair, anger, and sense of social, political, and economic cramp which are driving the March Against Monsanto, and the vast global movement of which it’s a part.
The trenchline runs across the global South, while here behind enemy lines in the West we are rising to take back our corporate-invaded land and agriculture. 


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