September 29, 2013

Superweeds vs. Super-Ideology


Three good pieces on the collapse of existing herbicides, thanks to the GMO system’s generation of glyphosate-resistant superweeds against itself. Of course, the cartel and the US government don’t take their absolute, abject policy bankruptcy as any reason to change the policy. On the contrary, they want to regress to GM crops resistant to the even more toxic herbicides, like 2,4-D and dicamba, which Monsanto promised its Roundup Ready suite would render obsolete forever.
Contrary to corporate and government lies, the Roundup Ready regime has resulted in a massive increase in the spraying of poisons on crops. Now the system wants to extend this toxic surge to even worse poisons. Meanwhile, superweeds are not only resistant to glyphosate, but are increasingly evolving traits which render them resistant to all existing herbicides. So products like Dow’s Agent Orange maize (resistant to 2,4-D) have already failed at controlling weeds, even before they’ve been deployed. If and when they are commercialized (the USDA has been uncharacteristically dragging its feet, but Canada’s already gone ahead with approval), the only result will be to accelerate the superweed evolution.
(Whenever there’s any question of what science says about GMOs, we should always keep in mind that GM proponents are evolution deniers, since anyone who understands and accepts evolution knew from the start that the only result of monocropping based on genetically modified herbicide tolerance and pesticide expression would be to generate superweeds and superbugs, and to do so at an accelerating rate.
Just one example of the basic ignorance of science and contempt for it displayed by GMO supporters. Another is their continued faith in the discarded genetic theory of “one gene = one trait”. All the alleged science of GMOs, including the faith-based doctrine of “substantial equivalence” which was promulgated to justify commercializing GMOs without long-term safety testing, is based on this false theory.
So we see how science rejects GMOs, which are on the contrary the province of crackpot technical engineering, scientistic pseudo-religion, and mercenary instrumentalism.)
If 2,4-D and dicamba are already failing even prior to the commercialization of the GM crops meant to receive them, what could be next for a system based on the ever-escalating use of poisons on our food? As these pieces describe, our “innovators” in the chemical and agribiz sectors have nothing. They’re completely out of ideas for any kind of new herbicide.
So we see another example of how the allegedly high-tech, “innovative” GMO regime is really a sclerotic dead end, where all ideas, research, innovation, and thought go to die.


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