September 19, 2013

GMO Canola as Case Study: GMO Contamination is Inevitable

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New report from Testbiotech (a European scientific watchdog) on the rampant feral spread of genetically modified canola. It’s more documentation that wherever GM pseudo-crops are field tested or commercialized, their contamination of conventional crops, organic crops, and the general environment, are inevitable. This is contrary to the lies of governments and corporations, in particular the “co-existence” scam in all its forms.


  1. This makes me think of another legal theory to combat GMO patents, which is that you are strictly liable for harm caused by your property to another. So, if an innocent farmer who never purchased the patented seeds gets sued, he can countersue under this theory and seek his costs of litigation as damages.

    Comment by Tao Jonesing — September 19, 2013 @ 11:00 pm

    • I don’t know yet how they “legally” do it, but it seems that GMOs, like many other newer technologies and practices (fracking, MTR mining, etc.), are largely free of such liabilities and restrictions, and exist above the law in many ways, while the old laws of trespass, tort, etc. still apply only to older things.

      Thus the US government has always been firm that GMOs and those who grow them have a right to trespass on the property of others and damage or destroy property, and that it’s the responsibility of organic farmers, etc. to pay to protect themselves.

      It’s straight “libertarian” theory – if you have property and political muscle, you have the right to swing your fist wherever you want, and if you’re weaker, and your face is in the way of the bigger guy’s fist, it’s up to you to get out of the way or get hit.

      Here’s another reason why nothing short of abolition can work. If one goes in for system legality, how does a farmer whose crop has been contaminated “prove” exactly which source contaminated him? Meanwhile the sellers of the GMO seed plead innocence: “We give directions for the proper use, but we can’t be held responsible for the negligent practices of those who buy our seed.” And what if liberals really did want to reform this, then what? A kind of GMO contamination Superfund, allegedly to be funded by the corporations? We see how well that worked out with the existing Superfund.

      No, there can be no co-existence. GMOs are environmentally totalitarian, as well as economically and politically. They must be completely abolished.

      Comment by Russ — September 20, 2013 @ 2:01 am

  2. […] to the fact, demonstrated by the Hawaiian papaya example, as well as examples like Mexican maize, Canadian canola, US alfalfa, and non-commercialized Roundup Ready wheat, that any GMO cultivation at all guarantees […]

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