July 10, 2013

The Latest in GMO Failure: Bt Corn and Rootworm

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The latest report on a GMO-resistant superbug.
This is especially pernicious because rootworm wasn’t originally a big problem for US corn growers. It was more of a periodic nuisance. But Monsanto was able to force the anti-rootworm trait onto farmers by stacking it with the anti-borer trait they had been convinced they did need. Meanwhile the rootworms were already becoming more prevalent. Historically, farmers had rotated their crops as part of natural pest control. But one of the selling points of Bt corn is that you can plant it year-on-year without making a big pest problem for yourself, because the pesticide-expressing trait would handle it.
Predictably, by now the borers are becoming resistant to Bt corn. Worse, the lack of crop rotation turned what had been an intermittent rootworm nuisance into a chronic problem. The anti-rootworm product therefore found its “market” through a combination of monopoly force and being the “solution” to a problem artificially generated by its marketer. And now it too is starting to fail.
The result, which dissidents from Big Ag predicted from the start: In addition to planting the GMO crop, malevolent in many ways of its own, farmers are having to use more pesticides than they used before, and are having to go back to more toxic pesticides. The same dynamic is taking place with herbicides and herbicide-tolerant (HT) GMO crops.
This is just one example of how, in addition to their health, environmental, socioeconomic, and political evils, GMOs comprise a crap product which doesn’t work. This practical failure is designed into them, since systemic failure is part of what maximizes profit and control for corporations and governments.


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  2. It’s a very basic truth you point out, Russ, that in the end GMOs are a shoddy product. No matter what kind of feeble defense someone drags up, they can’t refute that one.

    Comment by DualPersonality — July 20, 2013 @ 8:51 pm

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