June 9, 2013

What the NSA Surveillance Revelation Means for the Community Food Movement


The latest revelation of the scope of the surveillance state is a good example of the need for an uncompromising, united democracy front vs. corporations and the central government. Linking this overarching manifestation of the police state with the assaults of the food police regime on the Community Food movement is a good example of a way this front can be conceived. Nothing’s going to work unless a critical mass of people clear their heads of all prior notions, all brainwashing, all preconceptions of politics (“left-right”, “public-private”, “government-corporation”), and assess everything in clear, simple terms of human relationships at the community level vs. the power hierarchies which want to destroy all such relationships and turn us into atoms amid masses.
The NSA’s assault is really no revelation to anyone who’s been paying attention, but then for each issue there’s a sliding scale of what’s necessary to compel the attention of those who aren’t actively seeking real information. That’s part of the reason the Community Food movement needs a coherent, systematic PR campaign. We need that in order to find one another, to convert increasing numbers of farmers and eaters, and to educate the public, including just making them consciously aware that there does exist an alternative to industrial food.
It seems that most people don’t really support corporatism, but passively accept it because they’ve come to believe the Big Lie, “there is no alternative”. But there are far better alternatives which are proven to work, not just in food but in every sector. The first step, along with recruiting activists, is to force this into the public consciousness: The basic awareness that the alternative ideas exist.


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