February 25, 2013

An Example of the Corporate Secession of Power


By secession of power I mean the way, under the neoliberal corporatist strategy, the 1% transfers power, prerogative, and wealth from nominally “public” government to nominally “private” corporations, while all costs, liabilities, and of course the fraudulent facade of “democracy” and kangaroo elections, remain with government.
Corporations, as I’ve written about many times, are created by government and are extensions of government. “Government” and “corporations” are merely different forms of concentrated elite power.
Here’s an example. On account of the Bill of Rights and the general indoctrination into ideas of “freedom”, it’s difficult for government to directly require people, as “citizens”, to do things like rat each other out for stuff. But the increasingly common way for the 1% to get around this is by concentrating elite power not in governmental form, but in corporate form.
Sure enough, most people think corporations are somehow “different” from government, even though they’re just superficially different forms of concentrated power.
Once an individual is part of a corporate hierarchy, there’s now few limits on requiring every kind of behavior characteristic of a totalitarian society, like snitching. But now totalitarianism is imposed, not directly upon the “citizen”, but as a requirement of one’s “job”.
(This is also a further refinement of bourgeois ideology and status. It turns out that being a private individual rather than a citizen of a community was only a transitional status. The more refined status is to be a cog within a corporation. Meanwhile to be “unemployed” is to be utterly dispossessed, to be an unperson, a kind of stateless, since there’s no community or even bourgeois “civil society” to fall back upon.
It’s just like how GMOs are quashing conventional ag, which has tried to quash organic ag.
In both cases, we have to wipe the slate clean, clear our minds completely of all recognition of everything that exists, go back to the beginning and rebuild.)



  1. Cognitive science..explains the patterns of trust and fear we operate from. Fear of the unknown and known are often tainted with bad information, rendering them as useless in our evaluation of making decisions..The idea of truth is contextual. Truth is only validated in our own minds when we see it repeat from our perspective. Most of see these patterns Russ and understand the systems we use. It is also unfortunate that bad patterns we see that repeat give us a certain comfort in being predictable. Our dilemma is we do not know what anyone else is truly thinking but our selves. This leaves all of us with our advanced sense making to try and identify patterns before they are completed and guess at what others are doing.

    Our dilemma is what to trust or fear is often not known until it is too late to act. Our intentions to make a better world is what is at stake and I am sure the signs you are seeing are of merit. Why do we have to operate in the paradigm of an evil power hungry master, who does not have our interest at heart, we learn by our mistakes and we all make mistakes, and sometimes we make them unknowingly…

    Comment by Dave Outlaw — February 25, 2013 @ 8:36 am

    • “Our dilemma is we do not know what anyone else is truly thinking but our selves.”

      Even that’s a stretch. Most people don’t know their own minds, nor do they seek to do so. To paraphrase the great BB King. “I don’t know what anybody but me is thinking, and I might be jiving me, too.”

      “Why do we have to operate in the paradigm of an evil power hungry master, who does not have our interest at heart, we learn by our mistakes and we all make mistakes, and sometimes we make them unknowingly…”

      So many things to respond to here.

      First, you assume that the “paradigm” we live in is one of our choosing, as if by pretending that we live in a different paradigm will make it so. The history of neoliberalism, which is out there in the wide open, should tell you otherwise: the paradigm we live in was carefully constructed to concentrate power in the hands of the very few at the expense of the very many. It is what it is, and pretending that it arose spontaneously is absurd when it demonstrably came about by concerted inter-generational political action.

      Second, Russ does not equate seeking power with being evil. That’s all you. Indeed, Russ’s point is that every individual should be seeking to reclaim as much of his or her power as possible, and you can’t start doing that until you admit the power you have ceded.

      Third, the history of neoliberalism (and classical liberalism before it) demonstrates that the dominant power structure uses psychology and cognitive science to encourage us to make mistakes “unknowingly.” That’s what Public Relations (aka propaganda) is all about, Dave. Read Edward Bernays and Walter Lippmann on the subject of “shaping” public opinion (aka, duping the relevant public).

      Comment by Tao Jonesing — February 25, 2013 @ 10:43 pm

    • It’s common enough for some kinds of reformers like Food Freedom groups to push for laws to limit government power. Here’s an infrequent example of their fighting for a similar law which would limit corporate/employer power.


      I’d like to see what their constituency thinks of that. Are some ambivalent toward it, or even hostile, in a way they wouldn’t feel about the government itself directly mandating vaccines? But it’s the exact same thing – concentrated power wants to force vaccines upon the people.

      Comment by Russ — February 27, 2013 @ 2:42 am

  2. Hi all, I’ve left a comment describing the GMO-labeling forum I attended last night, over at the most relevant thread:

    Comment by Lidia — March 1, 2013 @ 5:26 pm

  3. Tao
    Thanks for the reply and recommended reading as well as the clarification on Russ’s blog . As always it is good input and fodder for thought…It is true I made some assumptions ( as with any comments that we all make).. and they should be challenged as I might be jiving me too ….lol! In regards to neo- liberalism and giving up power I get that too.. the path I was going down really is about how we deal with information and decision making and why we do what we do… Perhaps i can explain that it is my opinion or theory ( so You know Its me thinking out loud here) that perhaps it is low self esteem that is the root of all this and why some of this exists no matter what context we put it… and it can cause many of the dilemmas which Russ speaks about…

    But first lets have a little expansion on mistakes… cognitive research claims we make and average of 11 mistakes an hour ( you will find a few in most of posts with spelling or grammar) and they are divided into 4 categorical contexts.
    #1. mistakes caused by carelessness- car wrecks while texting
    # 2. Mistakes caused by forgetting, I got lost… these are going to happen all the time and we will repeat them . then we have rule based errors which are the ones we speak of.
    #3. we apply a rule in the wrong context press on the gas instead of the brake and now i had not considered it a mistake to believe a deliberate lie…but that would generally apply here .and then
    #4. where we try and guess a course of action based on not knowing enough information.. why we have these dilemmas in Russels blog

    My theory—-
    It is individuals and organizations that individuals can control can exhibit low self esteem symptoms. Those afflicted with low self-esteem will typically try to again it back by acquiring more power, more money or reducing the value of others buy making them look dumb or less intelligent… Ok that being said it is my observation that most of the blogs entries Russ writes about are these kind of people or organizations that are run by them…now the idea of low self-esteem can also be enhanced with other metal illness such as anxiety , depression bi polar symptoms or about any thing that goes with it which can complicate things … So what we really are dealing with is a mental illness of those that are manipulating the system for their own self service… I hope that my input is never seen as an ostentation, but an attempt to work on solutions as I clearly see the patterns that Russ writes about…and he will continue to do so until we get a grip on the real reason we are seeing this illnesses.

    any thoughts here?

    Kind Regards

    Comment by Dave Outlaw — March 3, 2013 @ 2:47 pm

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