December 6, 2012

The Temporary Resumption of Petty Middle Class Faith


1. Despite a brief surge of proto-revolutionary feeling in 2009-10, the “early adopters” have gone back to their idiocy. In spite of all they saw and all they supposedly learned, in the end they followed Bernanke, Geithner, and Obomney and learned to love and believe in the Bailout.
2. Meanwhile, in a spectacular example of cognitive dissonance and pseudo-religious fundamentalism, liberals have responded to the overwhelming evidence record by doubling down on their faith in the Obama cult. “I believe because it’s absurd.” They’ve also had second thoughts about their own dependency on organized crime. They still have their crumb for the moment. They have a cowardly, cringing mindset. Do they really want to gamble that crumb right now?
3. After a brief period of progress, truth-tellers like me are back in the position Hoffer described – “they won’t listen to him”.
4. Instead, as we see all over the blogosphere, presented with a clear structural critic and a troll, your aspiring do-gooder ignores the critic and tries to reason with the troll. Of course, this is ingrained in the do-gooder’s temperament. But for a little while there the do-gooders were starting to overcome that temperament. Now they’ve gratefully gone back to it. This is reinforced by how they’ve reaffirmed their psychological comfort in living off the fruits of crime.
5. This is part of why there’s no good Food Freedom discussions online. (Besides, the food movement never reached the consciousness of the anti-bank movement. Just like political blogs almost all suck, so food blogs almost all suck, while the only real action was at the econoblogs.)
6. For now it seems to me it’ll have more inflammatory than probative value to participate on sites like that. I’ll try to just read the posts but ignore the “discussions”. If I find this impossible, then I’ll drop those sites completely. I’ll continue looking for discussions, but be ready to abandon them as soon as I see how lame they are. For the time being a critic can’t, with any good return on investment, guide a basically conformist conversation onto a critical path.
7. So we have to head back to Geneva for now. The 1905 blossom has withered. It’s time to start over from the beginning and build, first a nucleus and then a movement, from scratch. My own blog is senescent. A blog’s not a great forum anyway. Just use the blog to advertise the forum. Start a real discussion, and moderate it just as relentlessly as these liberal petty bourgeois idiots do. (They’re especially idiots because, on account of their own SQ brainwashing, they don’t even realize their own aggressive ideology, nor how their selection of discussion emphasis comprises a vicious pro-system bias.)
8. It seems that philosophically it’s time for slow fermentation. We need to build the full basis for somnambulistic counterattack. We can start in the sweet spot, the good wedges of Community Food, anti-GMO and anti-corporatism, without primarily insisting on Food Sovereignty. (It’ll be better to do this where we can choose our own battlefield. It’s harder to stick with it at places where the liberal and petty bourgeois idiocy is jabbering right there in front of us.)
9. Part of this sweet spot is relentless counterattack on the government food police and how they’re preventing America’s economic resurgence. (But this too is for a core audience? In the period of system retrenchment, won’t most people including system NGO types disregard the real need for Food Relocalization? Their actions show that they do.) But every attack on the government has to include at least some anti-corporate element, and some teaching that government and corporation are the same thing, the same enemy.



  1. woweew russ you are the man… wish there were more out there like you! I will make a few comments in regards to what you have posted. we basically had a choice in the meaningless election to vote against something not for something.. Obameny just happened to be the winner of what we voted against.. however he did strike is a chord with in my soul .. one of hope.. not in him but us…( ps notice the deliberate miss spelling as he and his opponent did think alike on most issues) I am actively seeking solutions and learning from the wisdom of this group.

    thanks so much ! kind regards

    Dave Outlaw

    Comment by W David Outlaw — December 6, 2012 @ 8:28 am

  2. This is probably an unoriginal observation, but I realized while reading this post that “conservatives” claim to think that the government is evil and corporations are good, while “liberals” claim the exact opposite. Otherwise, they are pretty much the same in most ways. Even their attitude towards taking of life. In discussion (probably not in action, most of the time) both will justify the taking of life under their own approved set of circumstances. It’s rare to find a person who will speak out against all taking of life.
    Sorry Russ, I guess I went off on a tangent there :).
    Thank you for persevering!

    Comment by DualPersonality — December 6, 2012 @ 10:59 am

    • @DP,

      I don’t read Russ’ attacks on “liberals” as attacks on the political opposite of “conservatives” but on the tendency of self-identified liberals/progressives to proclaim that they are trying to protect the best interests of those who cannot protect themselves, If you really want to be a “do-gooder,” you ought to understand what is in the best interest for the people you claim to want to protect. Most liberals/progressives just want to be comfortable with the mugging of the masses that they witness on a daily basis. What they really want to see is lipstick on a pig because when they see lipstick on a pig, they reason it can’t be a pig because, hey, pigs don’t wear lipstick!

      Comment by Tao Jonesing — December 6, 2012 @ 10:08 pm

      • Yes, liberal do-gooding is the most loathesome lie of all. For example, we know the facts of the globalization process. Anywhere Western globalization goes, it wipes out all organic communities, drives the vast majority of the people into concentration camps (ghettos, shantytowns), and generates a miniscule middle class.

        Anyone who actually wanted the best thing for any populace would want to help it keep globalization out, or help it abolish whatever globalist affliction it already has. That has to mean the complete rejection of the entire Western corporate state system, and the will to completely abolish it.

        But the great evil I described above is exactly the outcome liberals want, since their number arise out of that small parasite class. As for the vast mass of victims, for liberals they don’t exist. They’re invisible, not human.

        The historical significance of the Obama administration is that it presided over what we can call the formalizing of this liberal fascism (although it always existed, just not in such overt, aggressive, concentrated form).

        Comment by Russ — December 7, 2012 @ 5:31 am

    • You’re welcome DP. I’d say that by now liberals are increasingly open about their always-implicit corporatism, and that here too there’s no difference between the two.

      Liberals are conservatives in their policy prescriptions and their basic mindset (scarcity, fear of the future, wanting to minimize aspirations and cling desperately to crumbs); conservatives are liberals in their whiny sense of entitlement, their lust for big government and big government spending, and their will to advocate “reforms” out of any reform context where the prescription would merely become part of the destruction.

      Both want to divert attention away from the evil of the corporate state and toward blaming all problems on powerless scapegoats, whether it be e.g. minorities, environmentalists, etc. (for the conservatives) or tea party types (for the liberals).

      Both fear and hate anyone anywhere who’s trying to take responsibility for themselves and rebuild sustainable communities. Both especially hate the Community Food movement and anyone devoted to it. Both want to destroy the rising relocalization movement.

      As you say, both support mass murder.

      Comment by Russ — December 7, 2012 @ 5:22 am

  3. When Bush II was reelected many people experienced a feeling of shock and disbelief. How could such a despicable war criminal be reelected? Obama embraced and elaborated most of Bush’s atrocities, yet I don’t sense the same feeling of shock at his reelection. I suppose the tribal Dems are simply happy the blue team won their little billion-dollar scrimmage. Obama truly has normalized totalitarianism in the U.S.

    And yet the slim majority who reelected Bush in 2004, figuring he was no worse than Kerry, experienced a sudden collapse in sentiment a mere year later during Katrina. This collapse soon blossomed into full scale loathing. Bush left office with an approval rating of 22%. I wonder if we’ll see a similar collapse during Obama’s second term. Just like Bush in 2005, Obama has no further reason to conceal his underlying contempt for the masses. The relative dearth of outrage at the moment may have been helped along by Obama’s eager persecution of whistleblowers, but that can only last so long before the Republicans or the media see personal advantage in stirring up scandal. Obama has been able to embrace youth signifiers much more easily than Bush ever did, which helps to bubblewrap him and defuse student protestors. I think all this proves is the elites are great at marketing, which is something we already knew.

    Calling B.S. by its right name is always a powerful technique no matter where you use it. I don’t see food sovereignty as a gut issue now. I doubt it will be one until a significant part of the population is forced to rely on local food sources to avoid hunger. As far as I can tell the most powerful place to spark people’s minds is through their wallets. Any such message is complicated by the “You Too Can Be Rich” elite meme but honestly that one’s getting a bit threadbare….

    Comment by reslez — December 8, 2012 @ 9:17 pm

    • I remember well how Katrina was a tipping point against Bush. It seems that people are more hardened against letting such trifles interrupt their adulation of their gutter Fuhrers today.

      As amazing as it is, liberals actually seem to be more stupid, more ignorant, and more impervious to evidence even than conservatives. That’s not just relative to their higher formal education levels and access to information technology, but absolutely as well.

      I agree that Obama’s primary role has been to normalize every kind of corporate fascism and “austerity” as the baseline for peace, stability, prosperity, decency, and progressiveness. He’s the most extreme version of the “ratchet effect” (but what’s being ratcheted isn’t quintessentially “Republican”, but rather corporate totalitarianism itself; both Washington gangs are equally vectors of this).

      We also see the terminal treason and vileness of liberals.

      Food Sovereignty isn’t a political ploy to be taken up or dropped. It’s the affirmative core of the next great historical transformation, which shall be forced by Peak Oil. It’s a physical and political necessity. I think we’ve established that.

      It’s also the core of my being, the reason I’m doing any of this.

      Nevertheless, I have made the strategic decision to focus, for however long the doldrum lasts, on the Community Food movement, “inducing” broader anti-corporate and Food Sovereignty ideas from that, rather than going into every situation calling for the immediate and full Food Sovereignty revolution. This movement has to be built, has to confederate, and has to directly fight the growing government/liberal attempt to repress it through the escalating “Food Safety” assault. (“Food Safety”, as I’ve written many times for years now, has the same character and serves the same purpose as the “War on Terror”. Indeed the two are increasingly intermingled, as in the way the Food Control Act provides for massive shifting over power over the food supply to DHS. More clear evidence for how the military-industrial complex is increasingly a Monsanto adjunct, just like the FDA and USDA already are. We see how liberal fascists are on board with the whole program.)

      So the basic activity:

      1. Build the Community Food movement, as a viable economic sector and a political/community manifestation.

      2. Counterattack industrial ag and the “Food Safety” assault.

      3. Elaborate Food Sovereignty philosophy, but not as part of the primary publicity campaign (which must focus on community food, food relocalization). This part is for within the movement.

      4. In the course of these build the movement framework so that when the terminal crash comes the movement will be ready to aggressively propagate a philosophical solution and course of action, and be ready organizationally to receive the disintegrating masses.

      I want to create an Internet forum dedicated to this project. In the meantime I’ll do the best I can with this solo blog, but it’s not the right vehicle, and I can’t do all the jobs myself. (Especially since I’m going to try to become a “professional” farmer in 2013.)

      Comment by Russ — December 9, 2012 @ 5:32 am

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