September 3, 2012

Our Labor Sovereignty and Birthright


The fabricated world has, by design, alienated us from the natural world. But we’re also alienated from the artificial world since we remain natural beings. Nothing can debase us into the inhuman, anti-human caricatures of economists’ and technocrats’ nightmares. We can survive and thrive as human beings, if we purge ourselves of the corporate and government parasite; or we can be destroyed as slaves, and soon enough go physically extinct, if we continue on the corporatist path.
This is the physical existential dilemma posed by food corporatism (among other toxic sectors). Meanwhile corporatism in general poses history’s ultimate philosophical, spiritual, moral dilemma.
Our communion with our work is at the core of our humanity, essential to our happiness, dignity, and organic health and wholeness. Corporatism, in stealing the fruits of our work, and blocking us from free access to our work in the first place, alienates us from our work, and from our humanity. This emotional, psychological, and spiritual robbery practiced by economic elites is an even worse crime than the material deprivation and use or monetary value stolen.
Work is our human birthright. Productive work is necessary for hominid existence, but productive and fulfilling work is also necessary for human existence. It’s our right as humans and our responsibility as citizens. No institution can legitimately block us from our rights and prevent us from exercising (or, if you like, absolve us of) our responsibilities. Under the fraud of economic and political hierarchy, we’re supposed to substitute an increasingly fraudulent “opportunity” for work, property, hierarchical position, and an empty view of “rights” to these things, for the universal reality of them. The universal practice of humanity performing its natural work, rather than struggling against artificial barriers to gain access to it. Our universal natural presence on the land, fruitfully stewarding its resources, rather than struggling against artificial barriers to gain access to it and then, for a select few who are most talented at crime (or at being born out of the correct womb), dominion over it. Our universal position as full human beings in real natural communities, rather than struggling as desolate atoms to enter and ascend artificial hierarchies.
All this must be scoured from the stained Earth. We have to assert ourselves as food growers and scientific workers. We have to abolish corporatism. We have to tear down the barbed wire and toll booths which interpose between us and our birthright. We have to redeem our work and through it our humanity.
Our work, in itself, prior to the necessary distribution and use of its fruits by those who participated in the work, is our human sovereignty. This is the core principle of human economic sovereignty. Food Sovereignty, which for practical, strategic, and tactical reasons must be our number one focus, is still only one element of this human whole. The next stage of our human resurgence, whether it be a resurgence of Occupy, or another form (there shall certainly be many forms), must, if it is to be worthy of its goal, renounce all half-heartedness, all obsolete self-limitations and timidity, all the temporizations and compromises and sham “pragmatism” and utopian reformism, all of which have been empirically proven to be delusions, and are therefore by now nothing but lies.
The next stage of the American Revolution must demand (of itself) and seek nothing less than the full redemption of our human birthright, our full sovereignty over our natural work; the work itself, management and control of it, 100% of the distribution and use of its fruits. Nothing less is worthy of humanity. Nothing less could continue to render us human, as opposed to something far diminished.


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