June 22, 2012

Activists and Professional Cadres (GMO Example)

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Reformists are ecstatic that the AMA has changed its position on mandatory pre-market safety testing of GMOs, now supporting it. I agree that this is a positive change, since it shows how it’s getting harder and harder for the system to deny reality and the evidence. But let’s get it right – the AMA is acknowledging reality only under duress, and only partially.

After the policy was announced Tuesday, Consumers Union senior scientist Michael Hansen released a statement saying: “We wholeheartedly commend AMA for coming out in support of mandatory pre-market safety assessment of (genetically engineered) foods, but are disappointed that AMA did not also support mandatory labeling. … Studies in the scientific literature have suggested that genetic engineering could introduce new food allergens, increase the levels of known allergens, raise or lower nutrient levels and have adverse effects on the animals that eat such foods.”…

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, which represents hundreds of the nation’s biggest food companies, released a statement Wednesday that focused not on the recent changes to the AMA resolution but rather on what hadn’t changed: the AMA’s continued stance that labeling genetically engineered foods is unnecessary because it considers them not to be materially different from other kinds of food.

“We commend the American Medical Association’s House of Delegates for its vote in support of the continued use of genetically engineered ingredients in the food supply,” the statement said.

So even as it now calls for safety testing, the AMA continues propagating the ideological fundamentalist dogma that GM crops are equivalent to real ones. In other words, it continues to assert dogmatically the very thing the testing is supposed to find out. That’s the intellectual coherency and moral good faith of the system for you.
Meanwhile, contrary to one of the foolish quotes in the piece, it’s citizen activists and nobody else who are “taking the lead” in fighting GMOs and corporate agriculture in general. A system cadre like the AMA is just grudgingly taking some hesitant steps toward following us. But that quote is a good example of how democratic citizens must never trust NGO-“leadership” types. We see how, at best, they’re always desperate for system approbation and long to be hierarchical followers instead of democracy leaders.

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