June 20, 2012

British GMO Corporatism


Just as Britain previously served as US corporatism’s poodle in Iraq, so it’s increasingly acting as GMO flunkey. I previously mentioned Britain’s domestic GMO-based “sustainable intensification” scam, a variation on the same old “sustainable growth” oxymoron.
The government has now announced a major pro-GMO spending escalation. The equivalent of $250 million in corporate welfare will be spent mostly on propaganda for a “second Green Revolution” in Africa, and to promote GMOs amid the resistant people at home.
When you read the blog post at the link, written by a leading GMO lackey, you’ll see how by now GM proponents are reduced to straight Goebbels-type Big Lies repeated ad nauseum – “feed the world”, “second green revolution”, “sustainable growth”, all of it without a single fact or piece of logic to back it up. That’s because by now GMOs, which science and reason always viewed suspiciously, have been empirically proven to fail in every way except in extracting profit for a handful of corporate rackets, and have been empirically proven to be a disaster for human and environmental health.
GMOs have already lost all the reality-based battles, and still maintain their political position solely on account of Might Makes Right. Only massive corporate welfare, media lies, and government thuggery keep them in existence at all. The Earth already rejects them, and the people everywhere want to reject them. Our immediate task is to counter the demoralizing effect of the propaganda (people don’t believe it, but are numbed into passivity by the volume and omnipresence of it) by giving the facts and moral truths of GMOs. The more people understand, not just in a vague way but with precision and clarity, the failure and evil of GMOs, and how simple and pragmatic the organic alternative is for truly feeding the world and redeeming the environment, the more self-confident they’ll be about taking action to reject GMOs and the corporate system itself. 


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