June 11, 2012

Notes on the Imperial Presidency and the Secession of the 1%


1. The basics: The executive wants aggressive, total foreign policy power and regards domestic policy with contempt. He wants the corporate/government system to secede from any responsibility to the latter, while maintaining total rights and prerogatives over it. He then wants to bring home the conquistador foreign policy attitude, and treat domestic policy in the mode of a foreign conqueror.
2. This is part of the 1%’s general secession trend. The government abdicates its power to corporations at home, to globalization cadres abroad. It imports the alien power of the globalization cadres to domestic affairs. (For example, corporate suits at the WTO against the laws of countries and communities; or the Food Control Act’s explicit subordination to the WTO of all food-related policy within the US.) Throughout, government abdicates all public policy, privatizes all public property, but maximizes its absolute size, only now as corporate welfare bagman and thug.
3. The imperial presidency first developed as a manifestation of (1), and seeks the secession goals of (2).
4. Here’s the specific Obama version:
A. In practice, continue to expand the unaccountable, anti-democratic, anti-constitutional imperial presidency along Bush/Cheney lines
B. For the sake of the liberals, argue in theory that president is domestically weak, strong only foreign policy.
C. In this most radical manifestation of the “two-party” ratchet effect, Obama wants to normalize in principle that the executive branch governs at home in the mode of a foreign conqueror. They’re of course not actually rolling back domestic executive power, only declaring it “weak” in principle. Since it’s intended to get ever stronger in practice, that’s meant to get the sheeple to accept this autocratic, piratical mode as the norm.
D. Meanwhile, vs. any corporation or globalization cadre, or in the case of the Democrats, vs. the Republicans, they’ll simply say “we’re too weak”. But in practice Might-Makes-Right kleptocracy will be ever more open and brutal.


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