May 17, 2012

Liberal Foodies and Work

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It’s well known that corporate liberals, even though they mouth lots of pious reform platitudes, support extractive hierarchy because they too want to live as leeches on the work of humanity. Liberal foodie types who gush endlessly about how much they enjoy working in their gardens are no exception.
As typical corporatists, they see their (chosen) garden work as at an opposite extreme from the agricultural work people are economically forced to do. They see such work as unpleasant and far too arduous, and they’re determined to avoid any such “necessary” labor. That’s what their liberal ideology is dedicated to, maintaining people of a certain class and educational background in a parasitic position even as they soothe their guilt feelings.
The ironic thing is that if we abolished corporatism, economic hierarchy, and the whole “job” model, and lived according to the principles and practices of Food Sovereignty, then everyone would get the same enjoyment and fulfillment from agricultural work as the foodies get from their hobby gardens, and this work would be far more productive for all of us.
But there I go calling for democracy, which is odious in the eyes of all elitist ideology, including liberalism.

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