February 27, 2012

Rain Dance

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Nature includes the endless cycle of water from liquid to vapor to liquid. Its basic state on this earth is liquid, reposing at the basin of gravity.
So it is with our work and our political sovereignty. We work and play and rest, and exist as political animals, at the level of the soil. Everything which goes into the air, we send there. All which comes down, we call down. It’s as if we do a rain dance and the sky answers. This is nature. This is humanity.
But elitism claims the clouds are the only solid reality, while the earth is the mirage. Reality can only fall to this fantasy land, and only as what trickles down according to the elite’s magnanimous fiat. Political and economic sovereignty, wealth creation, all the forms and ideas of civilization, these exist only among the clouds. Humanity, the 1%, is only the handful of these cloud-dwellers. The rest, the 99%, “the people”, are mere shades, not even animals but the depraved semblance of animals. Oh how magnanimous the clouds are to us, oh how merciful!
Here too we do the motions of a rain dance, but we do it as dangled from strings. This is anti-nature. This is slavery.
Shall we cut the strings? Shall we look at these clouds we lofted, curse them for their poison rain, and choose no longer to suspend them? And shall we compel them to plunge in flames, the moment we no longer support them with our credulity and corruption? Shall we purify our sky by purifying ourselves?
And shall we again perform the endless primal rain dance, calling down nought but the cool, clear water to slake our humanity?
Each day a new sun rises expectant, revealing our sky, which shows nothing but our human reflection. What have we sent there? What shall we send today? What shall we send tomorrow?



  1. Yes, let’s cut the strings. This is beautiful.

    Comment by karen — February 27, 2012 @ 9:30 am

    • Thanks Karen.

      Comment by Russ — February 27, 2012 @ 2:24 pm

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