August 14, 2011

My Basic Plan


I’m convinced that co-production as a transitional principle and practice, time banks as a transitional form, have great transformational potential. That’s why I’m working out a philosophy for this transitional front. I’m in it for the long haul. My plan is to work out my ideas on this and put them together with food sovereignty and food relocalization. These can go side by side as well as in synergy. Once the ideas and the mode of expression is complete, I’ll be ready to evangelize for them. (In this so far obscure way, at this blog and some other places online, I’m already trying to do so.)
In putting these things into practice, we’ll do so as democratically as possible. (“We” being those who think this is the right way to go.) That means we’ll strive to run everything ourselves on a democratic basis. Where necessary we may look “upward” for consultation, but we’ll never under any circumstances willingly accept decrees or control from above. In our minds we must always be true economic and political democrats, and in our actions we must live up to this as much as possible, bowing only to force and only where necessary.

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