July 26, 2011

Shadow (A Poem)

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(It’s been almost a year since I posted any poems, so I figure it’s past overdue that I post some. This one’s an oldie without any political content.)
A prone cracked dun leaf awaits the wind,
The sky of deception limberly waits
On its shaded perch
                                           sunshy of day’s fates
Till the air tilts a sound, eyes spinned
Into vigilance.
                                The moment won’t rescind
Its dreamy quietude.
                                             The haze inflates
Too sleepy for that, the day sleeps its dates
As well.
                  The limber sleep silently grinned.
Time can freeze. The spots fade the conjured form
To nothingness.
                                   All the waves softly blend
The moment opaque, as volition wends
The minutest twinge of a neuron. The storm
Drags down impotent static protest,
Claws brace frame for teeth.


  1. Hi folks, clearing out the inbox and came across a Le Monde Diplo article that many of you may be interested in on the rise of corporate dominance of organic agriculture in France, and the resistance from smallholders. I’ve posted it here:


    Take care

    Comment by paper mac — July 26, 2011 @ 11:35 pm

    • Organic is necessary but not sufficient. The movement for it has to concurrently be an anti-globalization, anti-corporate, relocalization movement.

      Of course, the corporate liberals who shop at Whole Foods and want “coexistence” with Monsanto don’t see it that way. Which is an indication in itself.

      Foregoing “official” organic certification and instead trying to build alternative non-governmental (but not corporate) certification modes will probably become more and more important.

      I fear that before we win we’ll have to go through a slough of despond where no one feels they can rely on any kind of organic certification. It’ll be part of the general trend of knowing you can’t trust anyone except those known to you personally whose word you know is their bond.

      That’s why the reputation of a farmers’ market is so important, and why we’re going to have to start running a tighter ship.

      Comment by Russ — July 27, 2011 @ 9:14 am

      • Yeah, I agree with that. The model they mention in the article in France where there are national co-ops which connect consumers directly to local “trusted” producers seems like a good start. Obviously the official certification model is pretty worthless at this point.

        Comment by paper mac — July 27, 2011 @ 2:37 pm

  2. […] farm just one acre, and are for all intents and purposes organic, though neither is certified. (On another thread we discussed the inadequacy of official certifications.)   We may have a slight problem with our […]

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