January 15, 2011

The Federalism of Republicans and Democrats

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First the federal government collaborated with the Wall Street banksters to systematically destroy the real economy, culminating in the intentional crash. Then, by prearrangement, this federal government embraked upon a Bailout which has stolen over $14 trillion to hand it over to the banksters, and there’s no end in sight to the robbery. Among the victims are the mass permanent unemployed, 20% of the workforce and counting. The intentionally destroyed jobs will never come back for as long as this system exists. On the contrary, it will continue until ALL jobs are destroyed. (First they came for the blue collar workers, and the white collar workers and “professionals” did nothing, but uh oh! Now it looks like they’re coming for you too!) Among the victims are also the states, who were forced to borrow money to pay unemployment benefits from the same government which caused the unemployment. And now this same federal government, which can print the money at will, instead plans to bill the dying states for the interest. They’re gonna break our legs.
This is intentional, forced starvation. The federal government wants to crush the states completely. It’s an intermediate stage toward the totalitarian debt indenture which is the end goal of this central government.
A sane state would get out now. We now know that becoming a parasite on the federal welfare train was always a suicidal luxury. And now we face the fact that nothing which comes from Washington is anything but poison. The states should stop taking from the central government, stop remitting to it, renounce odious debts to it, and go their own way.
What else can one do in the face of such a monstrous structure which has such an openly vicious loanshark attitude? There’s no way anyone in Congress doesn’t know how pro-cyclical, anti-stimulative, depressive it is for the government sovereign in its own currency to demand interest payments from lower-level governments which are not currency-sovereign. Everyone in Congress knows that such “austerity” is purely destructive, and that’s what they intend for it to be. Economically, politically, democratically, and humanly they want nothing but scorched earth. They want nothing but devastation and despair.
These are history’s most evil criminals. They are hideous beyond the power of words to express. That’s both Washington parties, Republican and Democrat. They are both nothing but criminal enterprises. They are proper subjects for RICO.
At the new Nuremburg, we must indict not only all Republican and Democratic leaders as capital larcenists and criminals against humanity. We must also indict the two parties themselves as criminal organizations, just as the First Nuremburg indicted and convicted the Nazi party, the SS, and other organizations.
In the meantime, all citizens must recognize these criminals for what they are. Since there’s nothing further justice can do at the moment, we must shun them as vile beyond tolerability.


  1. Russ, I appreciate your spirit, but this is not your best post. The Republicrats you write about are little more than the bureaucratic mercenaries hired by international corporatists who control the western world’s central banks. You say that the jobs are gone forever, but you are overlooking that just in the last few weeks, alone, the Chinese have announced that they are buying or building three factories in the US and hiring Americans to work in themt. This would include Tempo, a Chinese company that is buying up auto parts factories in Michigan, and hiring Americans to work in them.

    The French company, Capgemini Financial Services, announced that it was bringing 550 new jobs (@ $62,000 each) to Charlotte, NC.
    All in all, the professional and business services sector added 8,100 new jobs to the Charlotte area last year. This well offsets last year’s job losses from that sector.

    Also last year, the German company, “Siemens Energy, announced that it will invest at least $170 million to expand a gas turbine manufacturing facility that will create 825 new jobs in Charlotte in the next five years and establish the plant as a global production hub.”

    The goals of the neoliberal corporatists have been to crush US real estate prices, domestically owned factories and domestic wages until international corporations will be looked up as saviors when they start hiring out of work Americans. Our banks are already internationally owned, and soon, so will more and more of our factories. They are also buying up US infrastructure.

    Comment by black swan — January 15, 2011 @ 6:31 pm

    • I’m sorry that you didn’t like this post as much. I figure whereas banksters are remote to most of us, supporting (or even joining) either of these two criminal gangs is a constant possibility, so I wanted to remind people of these gangs’ criminality and evil.

      This example of their intent to bankrupt the states completely should matter especially to anyone who really believes in this particular version of “federalism”, who thinks this quantitative magnitude (so big a country in every way) of representative government can work. Especially given how consciously malevolent these criminals are.

      It’s also important to all of us, even we who reject this pseudo-federalism, because like I mentioned above, the goal here is to place the states in the condition of permanent indenture to the federal government, such that they’re finally reduced to the impotent flunkey status the so-called “anti-federalists” first feared in 1787-8. (That’s also the kind of thing long suspected by modern skeptics of the whole federal-largess-to-the-states way of doing things.)

      This enforced permanent debtor status will make our task of restoring true federalism even harder.

      As for the jobs, your own quote:

      “international corporations will be looked up as saviors when they start hiring out of work Americans…”

      proves my point. Any such jobs will be far worse than the original middle class wage manufacturing jobs they replace. And there will be far fewer of them.

      Almost all “jobs” being “created” aren’t real jobs at all. It’s of course a Big Lie to say that if a Walmart destroys 50 middle class sole proprietors but “creates” 100 slave-wage greeter positions, that it actually doubled the number of jobs. But it sounds like you’re falling for it to some extent.

      When I say they destroyed the jobs and those jobs will never be replaced, I’m including any sort of phenomena where a company fires all its workers and then hires them back as temps or “contractors” at half the wage and none of the benefits.

      Comment by Russ — January 16, 2011 @ 3:38 am

  2. There is one, last, possibility. It is nuclear:

    The states can pass resolutions for a new Constitutional Convention. They can charge their delegates to resolve the financial mess, they can literally replace the existing federal government wholesale.

    A power explicitly given the states in the existing Constitution.

    By 1932 the states were so angry with Hoover they passed the 20th Amendment explicitly to bring his administration to the earliest ending possible. In the end it didn’t quite work, as the 20th first took effect in January, 1937.

    Comment by Dave of Maryland — January 15, 2011 @ 8:00 pm

    • I have little faith in the states. Our ex-Governor just pleaded guilty to a felony. The corruption on the local level mirrors what we are seeing on a national level. A cancer seems to have metastasized to a point where the whole country is nearly terminal.

      Comment by black swan — January 15, 2011 @ 8:31 pm

    • I prefer the idea of castrating the higher levels of government, rather than maintaining their power but directing them to do stuff. That’s already proven not to work.

      So in the mock convention I want to hold here, the amendments I’ll propose will probably all be delimiting and negative.

      Black Swan, I agree that there’s no reason to believe in constructive action from the states right now. But I do think that’s the highest level where we can constructively consider taking back governments. The federal government is rotten and corrupt beyond redemption.

      Comment by Russ — January 16, 2011 @ 3:45 am

  3. Here’s a decidely different take on the same issue from Karl Denninger:


    Karl is a conservative that I thought stood a good chance of breaking free of his belief system because it already integrates many things that most people view as inconsistent. Unfortunately, he’s chosen the feel-good solution of confirming what he thinks he already knows over the more difficult decision of continuing to challenge his assumptions.

    I much prefer your take, Russ. Where I disagree is in the characterization of the people perpetrating the crime, many of whom have no scienter, no mens rea. The people in government who are killing the American Dream span a spectrum from first degree murder to involuntary manslaughter, and the vast majority are somewhere on the manslaughte slide of the spectrum.

    Comment by Tao Jonesing — January 15, 2011 @ 11:36 pm

    • I’m sure you’re right about the spectrum, Tao. In my rant above, I was mostly thinking of the upper levels of the hierarchy.

      But I do think the evidence is so overwhelming by now that the proposition that an intelligent person can in good faith still become a Republican or Democrat strains credibility. At best, one could plead despair, because one’s too indoctrinated to conceive the alternatives.

      I’ll grant that self-education about the alternatives isn’t just passively neglected, but is actively suppressed by the MSM/academia. But it’s still available to anyone who seeks it.

      Comment by Russ — January 16, 2011 @ 3:52 am

    • @Tao

      I don’t claim to understand the nuances of criminal law, but the law has found ways of implying intent as well as malice judicially. These tools absolutely must be held accountable for their actions, if not criminally, then by tort for negligence. The example set by the Justice Department by way of wrist-slapping fines to the likes of GS, is not good enough. What about a dose of justice served up GITMO style? It’s better than what several officials and politicians want for Assange.


      Comment by BW — January 16, 2011 @ 7:03 pm

    • Where I disagree is in the characterization of the people perpetrating the crime, many of whom have no scienter, no mens rea. The people in government who are killing the American Dream span a spectrum from first degree murder to involuntary manslaughter, and the vast majority are somewhere on the manslaughte slide of the spectrum.

      It may be the case that no majority of parasites seeks to kill the host, but their combined effect is lethal just the same. Every individual greedy grasper may not explicitly seek the subjugation of the poor and middle class, but by seeking more for himself and by applying his influence and wealth to enrich himself and gain further advantage over his peers he has exactly that effect. Because you see human beings will always seek to justify their behavior to themselves, to shade their selfish evil in a kinder light, and it is immaterial what excuse they make for themselves. They are all combined a multi-headed hydra of malevolent intent. Russ makes this explicit in his writing.

      We cannot excuse these people for their self-serving ignorance, whichever of them truly are ignorant.

      Comment by reslez — January 18, 2011 @ 8:34 pm

      • To me, there’s no moral distinction between knowledgeable malevolence and willful ignorance.

        Comment by Russ — January 19, 2011 @ 2:41 am

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