December 9, 2010

Food Tyranny Bill Revote Scheduled for Today

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So after the Senate’s greedy blunder in sticking funding provisions (a prerogative of the House only) into the Food Tyranny bill, it looks like the fix will be today in the House. It would be comical how these goons were so precipitate in their greed and arrogance that they blithely stuck fund-raising provisions in the thing, if so much weren’t at stake.

I wish I knew how to get the word out at a broader level:

1. Industrial production and distribution poses the real threat and is responsible for all significant outbreaks.

2. In particular, factory farms must be banned completely.

3. Short of (2), existing regulation, if enforced, would be sufficient to deal with all other threats.

4. We don’t need new laws.

5. The best way to render the food system more safe, in every way, is to decentralize agriculture.

6. Since the new law does nothing to help toward food safety, but on the contrary seeks to render every aspect of it worse, we know that the purpose of the new law is NOT “food safety”, but something else.

7. This something else is to further the exact corporate concentration which generates all the problems.

8. More broadly, this whole issue and the bill must be placed in the broader context of the corporate war against the one and only obstacle to total domination it faces – economic relocalization.

This bill is an assault on democracy and economic freedom.

It’s exactly the same fight as the fight against the big banks, against Walmart, and against every other kind of corporate racket.

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