November 12, 2010

Crime Blotter


I wanted to clear some clutter I had saved, so I’ll do one of those link dump/quick hit things:

Researchers at Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, are studying how to create an infrastructure out of human beings interconnected by wearing sensors, gateways and radios, resulting in a “body-to-body” network. Because human beings are so easy to come by, the networks could potentially be massive as well as high in bandwidth…..Long term, actual functioning body-to-body wireless networks could render cellular base stations unnecessary in heavily populated areas.

Note on crowdsourcing and cooperative economics: If we’re all going to be unpaid crowd-sources, that can only be equitable and can work at all only if we all purge all profiteering. It can’t be: rent-seeking for me,  anarchism for you. But that’s the way they currently want it.

Every quarter, content delivery network Akamai delivers a State of the Internet report looking at the Internet in terms of traffic, speed and connectivity. The latest report shows that the rest of the world is continuing to outpace the U.S. in terms of speed, while the U.S. becomes the leading source of “attack traffic” worldwide.

According to the report, the U.S. “became the top attack traffic source in the second quarter of 2010, account for 11% of observed attack traffic in total.”

The US is the world leader in “attack traffic”, while it continues to fall further behind in actual productive performance. Why does that strike me as typical?

As for whether the student was ever reimbursed, a spokesman for the law school issued a written statement to ABC News saying that the school was “deeply concerned about the job prospects and general well-being of our students and our recent graduates” in the downturn. “But no institution of higher education can make a guarantee of a job after graduation.” It added, “What we can do is provide the best education possible, and work together to provide as many career opportunities as possible.”

You made an implicit guarantee that if the student was reasonably conscientious, had reasonably good grades, graduated and jumped through whatever other credential hoops, and there was no other self-inflicted reason he couldn’t find a job in the field your degree trained him for, then he could find a job. This is fraud, predatory lending and a lemon product, period. Meanwhile the student debt isn’t dischargeable even in bankruptcy. Basically the victim of this scam has been placed in the state of nature vis the system and the corporate universities. Since this is the only way to fight back, everyone ought to sue on this ground.

I mean more than that. I mean that Zuckerberg subscribes to an entire hacktivist information-freedom-fighting culture that values truth and transparency for its own sake. But it’s not enough for him to hold and promote that ideology by striking against the powers that be in any way he can, like Julian Assange; Zuckerberg’s means are more nefarious. He imposes his ideology on users, seductively, through the architecture of his tool itself. People who like this ideology and are happy to see it inflicted on others through the tyranny of architecture are MarkZists.

Indeed. Zuckerberg’s a totalitarian, but a kiss-up kick-down snivelling gutter bully worm of a totalitarian. Compared to him the Bond-villainesque evil of Monsanto looks downright majestic.
Compare the citizen philosophy of Assange:

This information has reform potential. And the information which is concealed or suppressed is concealed or suppressed because the people who know it best understand that it has the ability to reform. So they engage in work to prevent that reform . . . .

There are reasons I do it that have to do with wanting to reform civilization, and selectively targeting information will do that — understanding that quality information is what every decision is based on, and all the decisions taken together is what “civilization” is, so if you want to improve civilization, you have to remove some of the basic constraints, which is the quality of information that civilization has at its disposal to make decisions. Of course, there’s a personal psychology to it, that I enjoy crushing bastards, I like a good challenge, so do a lot of the other people involved in WikiLeaks. We like the challenge.

And finally more from liberalism, an ideology which just looks more and more on the ball all the time, doesn’t it?

The name of the principle is the “cultural defense” — the argument by a defendant that his or her allegedly criminal behavior should be excused or subject to a lesser penalty because in the culture of origin that behavior is an accepted and even commanded norm….In a way, the person pleading the cultural defense is saying that he has brought the tribunal of his religious faith with him by virtue of having deeply internalized its precepts and imperatives.

I guess it’s not surprising how so many liberals like Greenwald and the ACLU supported Citizens United. The liberal ideology seems like among other things a template for enshrining corporatist double standards – a bankster should be allowed to steal, because “that’s how they do things.”
Like MERS tried to tell the judge in Ohio:

“Plaintiff’s ‘Judge, you just don’t understand how things work,’ argument reveals a condescending mindset and quasi-monopolistic system where financial institutions have traditionally controlled, and still control, the foreclosure process…

“Cultural defense”:

The question raised by the cultural defense is, “When people come to America [do] they have to give up their way of doing things?”

Or in this case, do we have to give up America and all aspects of civilization and humanity when we enter “the market”, which is totalitarian and seeks to impose itself upon us everywhere, at all times. 


  1. Couldn’t be an original thought, but feels like one:

    Judges, courts, police and security guards behave as if the US does not exist.

    I think that means it doesn’t -any longer.

    Comment by LeeAnne — November 12, 2010 @ 12:54 pm

    • It’s a still-unusual but true thought.

      It’s what I’ve tried to get at a few times when I tinkered with the term “secede”: the elites want to withdraw from every responsibility and legal exposure and risk and cost, taking along the government as thug and welfare bagman, and legal ownership of all land and other assets, but leave behind everything else.

      That’s the core of the corporation: It’s a way for criminals to shed legal responsibility and legal exposure while retaining legal rights. Indeed doubling them, since they want the right as both individual and as corporate functionary, and to exercise either according to whatever’s more empowering in a given context.

      Myopics like Greenwald are simply too dense to understand that a corporate “right” is really just the same old individual right, but laundered through a structure which enables the shaking off of all responsibility.

      Corporatism is the new, improved manifestation of divine right. Corporatism is nothing but a new religion, with its fictive beings (“corporations”), mystically empowered hierarchy (corporate executives and sometimes shareholders, though all but the richest shareholders are really just there for political show), rituals, inexorable mysteries miraculous and horrific (like pretty much anything a big corporation does, but especially its assaults on communities), but always beyond the ken of our benighted peasant minds…

      This is just a malevolent cult, run by charalatans motivated by greed, nothing more. Every word of what they’ve ever said throughout modern history has been a lie.

      All the words of corporatism are just brainwashing. So that’s what I have to figure out how to fight.

      They seceded, or like you say America doesn’t exist for them, except as mine and dump.

      We can, should, and must reciprocate. We can take back America for ourselves, redeeming our humanity.

      As for those who placed themselves beyond humanity, who wanted to place themselves above it but really placed themselves below, we should deal with them as the sewer outlaws they want to be.

      Comment by Russ — November 12, 2010 @ 3:35 pm

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