September 8, 2010

The Genesis Necropolis


In Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and its sequel the focus was on a thing called the “Genesis Device”. It was allegedly to be used to seed barren planets and moons with proliferant life. But clear-sighted skeptics immediately demanded to know: And what if instead of deploying it on a barren planet they deployed it on a planet which already had indigenous life? In that case it would be a weapon of planetary genocide and ecocide. This was of course the correct way to look at it – who could think they wouldn’t use it that way?
That’s what I think of whenever I read a piece like this surveying the ongoing and proposed techno-assaults* on our food, our biology in general, and the earthly ecology itself.
[*In the past I’ve gotten into arguments over whether or not fossil fuel-driven technology, that is all modern technology, is inherently totalitarian, or has just been hijacked by corporatism. I no longer see that as a worthwhile argument. Since corporations themselves are totalitarian in intent and monopolize all technology which requires heavy capitalization, it’s redundant to argue about the intrinsic nature of the technology. Anything inherent to it which is malign or can be turned to malign purposes is being systematically manipulated in that way by the elites. That’s all that matters, and all concerns about technology in itself can be subsumed in the anti-corporate struggle.
And Peak Oil shall render it all moot anyway, since the fossil fuel foundation shall wither away.]  
The plan, as far as is possible, is to exterminate nature and replace it with artificially engineered pseudo-life, to respond to climate change not by mitigating greenhouse gas emissions but with monumental geoengineering schemes which will allegedly remove the carbon from the environment using extremely violent means – seeding the oceans with iron, seeding the air with sulfur (the same sulfur we which returns as acid rain and which we already worked so hard to get out of the air before). All this is to be built atop the already tottering tower of pollution. Atop the drunkenly swaying tower of soil-mining which pumps the already-dead soil full of artificial gas-based fertilizer and deploys massive amounts of oil- and gas-based pesticides and herbicides against the ever-more resistant pests and weeds (we can call them artificially engineered as well; indeed the arms race is part of the business plan of the likes of Monsanto), in order to grow genetically engineered pseudo-crops. We should think of a dope fiend who needs uppers to get up in the morning and to stagger through his day, downers to pass out at night, and some kind of euphoric throughout his waking time in order to feel anything but emptiness and despair. That’s our corporate “civilization” today. (This makes a similar point regarding the culture itself.) All this is being done for the sake of profit and elite power. That’s the kind of takeover we face from this alienation of nature. 
The goal is to drive out nature itself and replace it with a corporatized (and of course patented) pseudo-flora and fauna. 
Similarly the climate change issue has been completely hijacked and the system threatens to use it as a wedge, to enforce corporatism via cap-and-trade and geoengineering.
(Years ago I decided man wasn’t going to mitigate and gave up on climate change, but I wished the activists godspeed. Today I see how they were corporate scammers, or among the scammed, but at any rate are part of a hijacked cause. The predatory bills like Warner-Lieberman or last years ACES, with their assaults on existing authority and their massive corporate welfare, exemptions, and entrenchments, prove that. Most of all, the goal was to help Wall Street extract new rents and blow up a new bubble.
It looks like a possible internecine battle among the rackets, if Wall Street ever decides to really push for this with whatever allies it musters, vs. the more sclerotic rackets who can’t adapt.)
This is a core manifestation of the way the corporations want to secede society (using that as a transitive verb, “society” is the object), drive it out, while maintaining the state as a goon and of course holding physical power over the land and resources. This criminal (dis)order is to be enforced by the drained undead zombie state even though, with society and the constitution (sovereignty themselves) having been seceded out, this power has no legitimacy, no sovereignty.
The same is true of health bill. It wants to physically drive us out of the hospitals and doctors offices, out of the emergency room, simply out of the health care system, even as it sticks us up for an “insurance mandate”. Again, society is to be forcibly dissolved, with nothing left but naked force.
The same for the food bill, which will privilege these same techno-totalitarian food rackets while forcibly seceding us from our own food chain. The goal is to isolate us from nature and the earth itself. Taking the existing phenomena to their logical end, we’d be confined to our work space and given only enough food to keep us working for so long as we’re serviceable.
Everything I said here about the food system, its oil-driven unsustainability and how the corporatized technological deployment threatens the environment, our lives and health, and our very freedom, is a call to arms for us to grow, process and distribute our own food. This is the golden road to redeeming our country and ourselves. But in order to do that we’ll have to wage many fights. The food bill looms as a planned assault on our food freedom. There other plans for assaults like the criminalization of seeds. And the general assault of the elites’ “genesis” device, really a death machine, looms over it all. We’re entering the final conflict between freedom and slavery. 
Since I opened with GMOs I’ll close on a hopeful note. We’re seeing the rise of the direct action tactic of destroying GMO fields. This is a promising development, and we should take the logic further. We have a right to act in self defense against those who would use any political policy or technology for their own profit and our enslavement.


  1. We agree on a lot in this post.
    It is NOT the “elites” who are responsible for this state of affairs. NOT JUST the elites.
    This way of looking at nature did not suddenly materialize out of thin air. It took… about 400 years for it to get to where it is now.
    This way of looking at things translates to… the evolving definition of the word “science” in Western civilization.
    I agree that.. WE are more and more radically opposing the words.. “nature” and “civilization”, or “society”. A little… drop out into Jean Jacques (Rousseau) gives some interesting takes on this question, and THOSE TAKES took place in the 1700’s…
    For the food question… NOBODY has stopped me from growing my own garden yet. And I can EVEN get seeds from fallen by the wayside plants that are being revived. At least.. in France.
    As for THE WORD “totalitarian”…
    As I told Edwardo a few days ago, totalitarianism BEFORE BEING A POLITICAL “system”… arises out of our LANGUAGE itself.
    You know.. totalitarianism is there in words like.. “all” “one”, “everybody”.
    Blaming any one political system, OR THE ELITES for what is ultimately the effect of language itself, OUR shared language (shared by poor AND rich) is shortsighted in my book.
    Is that the ORIGINAL Star Trek series ?
    I remember “Khan” from the original series..
    Good shows. The golden age of television.
    Before.. the idolatry of Mammon started giving TV a severe beating.

    Comment by Debra — September 8, 2010 @ 8:07 am

    • The elites:

      1. Steal the resources in order to monopolize production.

      2. Steal much of the production itself.

      3. Use their power to impose the political “order” from the top down. This order is always meant to maximize their own wealth and power.

      4. In order to manipulate the people, appease and narcoticize them, terrorize them, and get them fighting among themselves, they play to all the worst qualities in people and repress the best.

      So yes, we can and must blame, fight, and destroy the elites if we’re to take back our countries and redeem humanity.

      Yes, that’s the original Star trek which I watched as a kid. I don’t know the later ones.

      Comment by Russ — September 8, 2010 @ 9:53 am

      • GOOD JOB!!!
        I don’t know the later ones either…
        But we still don’t agree about the elites.
        Because of something incredibly momentous that is called VOLUNTARY SERVITUDE and which will not go away any time soon.
        If MORE PEOPLE got all huffed about that sign at the zoo in Washington D.C. (I told you this story already…) WE WOULD NOT BE WHERE WE ARE TODAY, AND THE ELITES WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO PULL OFF WHAT THEY ARE PULLING OFF.
        Power is a complicated, weasly thing. Sometimes… it ends up IN YOUR LAP because of the enormous vacuum of interest and involvment around you.
        I know.. I’ve had power before. And I watched how other people’s INDIFFERENCE gave me more and more power.
        Too many people got stuck on treadmills in the U.S., and pushing levers to get their fix.
        Deadly for liberty.
        I’m SURE you agree on this one…

        Comment by Debra — September 8, 2010 @ 1:35 pm

      • Yes, I know what you do is defend the elites albeit in a circuitous way. I just saw you doing that again at Naked Capitalism as well.

        Underneath the wacky style of presentation you’re just a concern troll. But I think that style does make it harder to spot, so good work there.

        Comment by Russ — September 9, 2010 @ 4:29 am

  2. “This would contradict the government’s commitment to propping up the zombie banks, as their fraudulent balance sheets are dependent upon reflating the bubble.”

    Allow me to proffer a (one world government) master plan:

    The bankster cabal doesn’t actually want to re-inflate the bubble at least until prices in many, if not all, asset classes are much lower. To that end a double dip in housing and shares is assured.

    However,”they” are walking a tight rope such that while they would like to be able to own “all of it” they dare not let things sink beyond a point of no-return at which point “they” will be the ultimate bag holders.

    The Federal Reserve “group” will not lend their activities to unleashing a hyper-inflation, at least not until more assets are on their balance sheet- to that end expect QE II, because to do otherwise would simply end up bailing out, at least nominally, borrows, i.e. the middle class, and more importantly, hyper-inflation would terminally sunder their FRN money franchise. They won’t care about that, however, if they are sitting on immense portfolios of physical assets.

    They are walking a very narrow tightrope

    Comment by Edwardo — September 9, 2010 @ 12:01 pm

  3. I should have said a double dip in shares and a further fall in housing prices.

    Comment by Edwardo — September 9, 2010 @ 12:02 pm

  4. Michael Hudson suggested something similar in his piece Bubble 2.0.


    But this kind of thing sounds too complex to engineer. If we compare it to military history, such vast yet intricate strategies which are supposed to work under such chaotic conditions never do work the way they’re supposed to, and usually fail disastrously.

    (I guess you meant to post this comment in the other thread, judging from how it quotes from the other post.)

    Comment by Russ — September 9, 2010 @ 2:58 pm

  5. Yes, it is does sound more than a little difficult to pull off, but it’s far from impossible since the primary barrier to it being implemented, namely the rule of law, is, for all intents and purposes, non-existent. Yes, it should have been in the other thread.

    Comment by Edwardo — September 9, 2010 @ 3:34 pm

    • The barriers are greater than just that. Chaotic turbulence is what I was thinking of. (Or “friction”, in the military jargon, to continue with that theme.)

      Comment by Russ — September 9, 2010 @ 4:26 pm

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