September 3, 2010

Nice Company You Keep. Your Kind of People…

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On the same day there’s another oil platform explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, Obama’s favorite non-bank corporation BP issues a threat:

BP is warning Congress that if lawmakers pass legislation that bars the company from getting new offshore drilling permits, it may not have the money to pay for all the damages caused by its oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico……

“If we are unable to keep those fields going, that is going to have a substantial impact on our cash flow,” said David Nagle, BP’s executive vice president for BP America, in an interview. That, he added, “makes it harder for us to fund things, fund these programs.”

This kind of racketeering behavior is of course standard for BP, as it is for every corporate gang. Obama and the corporatists want a world ruled by these thugs. Obama and every corporatist, and every hack of the establishment, is that same person.
They’re nothing but criminals.


  1. Yes, gangsters/thugs favorite tactic to get their victims to do what they want is extortion.

    Comment by Edwardo — September 3, 2010 @ 7:57 am

    • I guess by definition, right!

      But the corporate brainwashing generates the weird cognitive dissonance whereby people can look at the exact same behavior every day which, if they saw it in a movie about the Mafia they’d have no trouble pegging it for what it is, but when they see corporations doing the exact same thing they fail to register it as such.

      None so blind as those who refuse to see….

      Comment by Russ — September 3, 2010 @ 8:08 am

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