May 31, 2010

Terrorism vs. Humanity (the Freedom Flotilla is butchered)

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The Israeli military has responded to nonviolent activists challenging its illegal blockade and more importantly its “authority” with a murderous assault. Al-Jazeera reports at least 15 were killed when the Israeli commandos stormed the ship, while even the NYT says at least 10 were slaughtered.
The reaction of the world has been shock and condemnation. After all the innocent talk in the weeks leading up to this, all the Israeli protestations of good faith, and how their response would vindicate their claims of moderation, all the alleged conversations about how to turn this into a show of Israeli reason and restraint, we see how they actually planned to turn this into a test case of the most brutal fascist state violence.
According to the Flotilla passengers the death squad stormed aboard without warning and opened fire. This was premeditated murder.
Of course the Israelis are claiming that they were fired upon first, which is absurd on its face. Evidently their story is breaking down faster than they can spin it, however, since even the NYT, which was passively hostile toward the Flotilla and previously imposed a news blackout upon it, reports how lame and obviously phony the Israeli story is.

A military statement said two activists were later found with pistols they had taken from Israeli commandos. The activists, the military said, had apparently opened fire “as evident by the empty pistol magazines.”

So the Israelis themselves are admitting the activists had no weapons, and claim that they took some pistols from the commandos themselves. So according to the story of the killers themselves, the activists acted in self defense  and only by being able to capitalize on death squad incompetence (even for a hillbilly sheriff the worst sin is to let your weapon be taken from you).
We can expect this lie to quickly be exposed. (How lame and clumsy – they couldn’t even come up with a more plausible way to plant weapons on the victims?)
This is textbook fascist murder, exactly the symptom we who’ve been following the course of corporatism would expect at some point. I’m somewhat surprised they chose such a high-profile moment and such brazen action, but I guess the logic is that since governments everywhere expect to have to use this level of force against their own recalcitrant people, and especially against non-violent activists, they think if they engage in a high-profile act of state terrorism this might cow many of the putative activists who were looking to the Freedom Flotilla as an exemplary deed.
So it’s a war of example against example. We must not let ourselves be cowed. We mustn’t cave in to terrorism. Instead, the example of the courage and martyrdom of these peaceful, humane souls must shine brightly before us as we continue the fight against those who reveal themselves to be among the most vile, despicable killers who ever disgraced the species.
We look to two examples, one professing and living all the highest ideals of the human faith, the other capable of nothing but lies and murder. This must confirm our resolve to be worthy of the legacy of the Flotilla freedom fighters, who take their place in the freedom pantheon which illuminates history.
The terrorists want to crush us with violence and even more the terror of violence. But we will not let them win.


  1. Hmm.

    There was a particularly strong response from Turkey, where many of the activists on the ships are from.

    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Israel of state terrorism and violation of international law.

    In Istanbul, thousands of protesters took part in an angry demonstration against Israel.

    Turkey was Israel’s closest Muslim ally but relations have deteriorated in recent years.

    Greece has withdrawn from joint military exercises with Israel in protest at the raid on the flotilla.

    The office of French President Nicolas Sarkozy said he condemned “the disproportionate use of force”, while UK Foreign Secretary William Hague said there was “a clear need for Israel to act with restraint and in line with international obligations”.


    Comment by jimmy james — May 31, 2010 @ 7:02 pm

  2. The headlines are, as usual, lovely. Usually something like “9 are killed in Israeli raid” as opposed to the more accurate “Israel kills 9 in raid.”

    The passive voice excuses many crimes…

    Comment by jimmy james — May 31, 2010 @ 7:06 pm

    • Yes, although that’s downright harsh compared to the Obama administration’s response so far at the UN, which tries to both render the acts abstract as well as shift the blame onto the victims themselves.

      One choice quote:

      The United States, which habitually defends Israel in the council, said that the attempt to run the blockade by sea was ill advised. “Direct delivery by sea is neither appropriate nor responsible, and certainly not effective, under the circumstances,” said Alejandro Wolff, the deputy permanent representative of the United States.

      Yes, when pirates attack the ship and slaughter the passengers and crew, delivery may become “not effective.”

      I think that’s the implicit threat in the statement. – “You think [whatever activism you’re contemplating] can be effective? Not if we kill you instead.”

      Comment by Russ — June 1, 2010 @ 2:37 am

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