December 28, 2009

The Health Racket Mandate

1. It looks like the health racket bill is going to end up far worse than even a pessimist like I imagined. Stripped of the lies, it’ll really be literally a de jure protection racket. They want to use the IRS to garnishee wages or extract punitive fines. Those who say there’s ANYTHING good about it are idiots or liars. There are no cost controls and there will be no effective subsidies. It’ll provide real coverage for no one currently uninsured but will degrade coverage for many who are insured, while costing everyone far more. It’ll literally be forcing the non-rich to pay huge chunks of their dwindling income for a worthless piece of paper.
(Those who are denying this apparently have founded a new religion whose dogmas include that in the case of this bill and this racket the racket and the regulators will behave in a fashion exactly opposite to that which ALL rackets and pretty much all regulation has behaved over the last several decades. Every other racket has sought to squeeze every drop of blood it can by legal, pseudo-legal, and if possible criminal means. the insurance racket has been as bad as anyone. Just as bad as the banks. We’ve seen their predatory, extortionate behavior all year, jacking up rates, issuing threats (AHIP report), suing for a guaranteed profit level in Maine.
But the devotees of the faith in Obamacare have dispensed the dogma that this racket will not behave this way once this bill is passed.
Every regulation has been gutted, and the deficit terrorists want to gut Social Security and Medicare itself. Yet the fanatical cultists of this bill chant that its subsidies are not only sufficient on paper but will remain intact in the future.
It’s the health “reform” Manson family.)
2. The system’s so far gone by now I guess any level of insanity is possible, but even so I still think I’ll be surprised if they really try to go forward with this suicide pact. I wouldn’t be surprised if they snap out of their current derangement next spring and say “what the fuck are we doing?!” and repeal the mandate.
3. If they actually tried to enforce such an impossible and tyrannical thing it would be veritable war by the government on a large section of the populace for the benefit of a few gangsters. Perhaps not on the same level as Stalin’s war on the peasantry during collectivization, but some steps along the spectrum toward that. It will be class war from above at an intensified level of viciousness, that’s for sure.
4. There’s one good thing it could do, which is force large numbers of people into the underground economy which will already be growing on its own. We need this post-oil, post-growth, decentralized, dedollarized economy anyway. It’s already a freedom-seeking political circumstance and action, in such ways as getting out of credit cards, putting money only in credit unions, having as little contact with banks as possible, saving seeds. This new real American economy is growing in response to the top down assaults upon the old middle class “American dream” which has been a lie for decades now. It’ll be ironic yet appropriate if this tyrannical overreach accelerates the process.
5. So we should spread the idea that this assault is coming, that it IS a criminal gangster assault, that it’s simple theft; that you have zero moral or constitutional obligation, as it’s immoral and unconstitutional; that you have zero legal obligation, as this is a rogue law which has no validity, any more than if they simply passed a law ordering you to pay x dollars to the Gambino family. [Is this a kind of bill of attainder? – What if the law simply said you must pay $x to a mafia family of your choice and gave you a list? – That’s exactly what this is.]
6. Let’s get ready for mass disobedience!


  1. Amen, brother. It’s a monstrosity that should be defied at every turn. And every shit heel Legislator that signed onto it should burn in Hell.

    Comment by Edwardo — December 28, 2009 @ 10:55 pm

  2. Thanks, Edwardo.

    Unfortunately, I think we can figure most people out based on their positions on this sick bill.

    Say, did you see this piece on your buddy Barney Frank?


    It made me think of you. 🙂

    Comment by Russ — December 29, 2009 @ 2:00 am

  3. Well, all I will say is that since I have never voted for Barney Frank, I am relieved that I am not remotely responsible for this malignant sack of steaming caca’s position as a representative from MA.

    Comment by Edwardo — December 29, 2009 @ 11:03 am

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