July 13, 2009

Obama: Six-Month Report Card (1)

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If I were a corporatist, I’d be pleasantly surprised at how things are going. Although the Democrats have been largely captured and corrupted by corporate money, just as the Republicans have fully been, and although the Democrats largely share (that is, imitate in a wimpy way) the Republicans’ ideology of big corporate empowerment, wealth concentration, and class war from above, I still never would’ve imagined that Obama himself would so completely and whole-heartedly embrace this class war agenda.
The signs were there early, however. As early as the spring of 2008 Paul Krugman was warning that Obama leaned right on health care, and seemed soft on right wing power in general.
And while his support of the bailouts during the campaign could’ve been chalked up to tactics (when you have a solid lead, there’s no point rocking the boat; McCain supported the bailouts, the establishment supported the bailouts, the media supported the bailouts, everyone supported the bailouts, so there’s no tactical upside to being a contrarian), there could be no doubt about his position after the election. He not only reaffirmed his support, but the whole tenor of the organization switched with startling speed from “change” to “continuity”. Obama’s embrace of George Bush had begun in earnest.
The process of betraying Change continued with Obama’s desire to populate his administration with the old guard. Deprived of his dream cadre Robert Rubin, Obama nevertheless was able to signal the “all clear” to Wall Street with his appointment of Geithner and Summers to the leading positions. They made it clear that the looting of the country would continue. A similar signal was sent when Tom Vilsack, one of the most reliable political water carriers for agribizz, became Agriculture Secretary.
Since then every apprehension felt by those who truly seek solutions to America’s misfortune has been confirmed beyond even our worst fears.
This is written out of absolute frustration. I find it hard to put into words how hideous it is to have to live in a place where literally nothing is done which is reasonable, moral, or sane; where literally everything which is done is stupid, insane, and evil. That’s why I hated Bush for eight years, everything he did and stood for.
That doesn’t mean I support the Democrats, or that I ever “believed” Obama would be much better. But given all his promises of Change, I was willing to wait and see. I did believe that things would at least start getting somewhat better. That there’d be some sign of a will to try to solve America’s problems.
Obama came in with an electoral mandate for Change. He was backed by an electorate who were enraged and ready for action. If he truly believed his “Yes we can!” and truly wanted Change, he could’ve mustered the people to demand and get great things.
But just as Bush rejected with contempt the great reservoir of good will and will to change which beiefly existed after 9/11, so Obama has equally rejected the will and readiness of the American people to meet this crisis with action.
In both cases there has been only one idea and one will: to continue with business as usual, most of all to continue the infinite criminal privilege of the rich and powerful, at all costs.
In Obama’s case it’s perhaps even more despicable. With Bush everyone knew you were getting the spirit of the Republican Revolution, and only a moron would’ve believed all the talk about “compassionate conservatism” and fiscal and foreign policy realism and responsibility. (Therefore the MSM fell for it completely.)
But Obama has revealed the entire basis of his campaign, the core promise of Change, which fooled a lot of good people who probably should’ve known better but were desperate to believe in something which could end the Bush nightmare, to have been a damned lie.
Tomorrow I’ll post a scorecard, running down some of the major performances of this administration so far.

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